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On a spooky Halloween night in 1934, Ben, dressed as a priest, is greeted by a woman and her maid as Father Davenport. The woman thanks him for traveling from Baltimore. She introduces herself as Lola, Daisy’s mother, and her maid, Magda. She invites him to join everyone else in the parlor.

Addison appears suddenly, startling him. Lola urges him to hurry. In the parlor he meets Charles, Daisy’s father, and his brother, Percival, aka Percy. Aunt Contessa Gray enters and welcomes him. Addison reports that Ben’s here to perform an exorcism.

Ben excuses himself to use the bathroom and gets the lowdown from Addison. In the history, Daisy Gray dies six minutes after midnight after Father James Davenport fails to perform a successful exorcism on her.

Lola takes Ben to Daisy, explaining that the girl began to speak in riddles about three weeks ago. Her strength has doubled. She can’t remember things she’s said or done. There’s a smell of rotting around the bedroom.

They enter the bedroom where Daisy is shackled to the bed with leather restraints because she chewed through regular rope. On the wall are the words, “Open mine eyes to see,” written in blood. Daisy seems lucid, looks at Ben and calls him an angel sent to save her.

Addison goes through the three steps of an exorcism. Step 1, command the demon to reveal itself. Step 2, fight the demon for the soul of the possessed. Step 3, the demon leaves if the exorcist wins.

Lola leaves to wait downstairs. Ben reads from his bible in Latin to command the demon. Addison starts to glitch out. Daisy becomes agitated in the bed. The lights go out. A demon emerges from Daisy, freaking Ben out.

Addison returns to HQ to see what caused the imaging chamber to kick her out. Ian tells her the system’s glitching and they can’t see or hear Ben.

In 1934, Dr. Felix Watts arrives to see to Daisy. He offers to administer a sedative. In discussing medical treatments, he suggests electroshock or a lobotomy.

They undo the bindings on Daisy. Daisy begins to speak to them about various things. She tells Ben that she knows the demon is real, that this is a test of faith. Her parents stopped praying and now she’s being punished for it.

Daisy tells him that things started happening just after her eighteenth birthday, three weeks ago. She swears that she will cling to her faith until death.

Leaving the room, Ben is startled by Aunt Tessa, asking how Daisy is. She also believes that Ben is the answer to their prayers. As she leaves, a shadow behind Ben moves suddenly.

Charles reads the paper in the parlor. Its headlines are all about the Depression. Percy is drinking. Ben goes to speak with Lola at the piano. She wonders if the possession is punishment for her getting pregnant before she was married.

Noises from upstairs are heard. When Ben and Lola reach the door, it’s locked. When the noises stop, the door is unlocked. Daisy is groggy and waking in the bed. Ben finds a walking stick. Aunt Tessa’s body is on top of the armoire.

Tessa’s body is removed. Ben tries to pick the doctor’s brain for a rational explanation, but the doctor is beginning to believe in the demon.

At HQ, Ian’s looking at a photo taken of Aunt Tessa’s corpse being taken from the house on Halloween 1934, posted as a historical artifact to a recent Reddit. Addison walks in and they switch the screen to something innocuous. They tell Addison she may not get in before 12:06am to help Ben.

They show her the photo and tell her about the armoire. Addison puts the pressure on Ian to figure this out and get her back in to help Ben.

Ben comes back into the parlor and takes a swig of the drink Percy offered earlier. He asks Percy about the encyclopedias lying around. Percy explains he sells them door to door.

Ben asks Percy if something happened three weeks ago. Percy reveals that Tessa and Charles got into a fight about money on Daisy’s birthday. Percy comments that Charles has been “wrathful” since hitting hard times.

Charles overhears as he enters the room. He accuses Percy of costing him his life savings by encouraging him to put it in the stock market before it crashed. They get into it and Ben breaks them up. Magda appears and announces that Daisy is unwell and Lola is requesting Ben, not Dr. Watts.

Ben sits with Daisy after Magda takes Lola out of the room. Daisy mutters various ominous things and Ben starts experiencing visual hallucinations that startle him. Magda enters and Ben sees blood pouring from her eyes. He orders Magda to fetch Dr. Watts.

The armoire opens and a shadow emerges. Ben looks up and sees figures trying to force their way in through the walls. He screams.

Suddenly everything is still. Ben checks on Daisy and his foot bumps something under the bed. He finds a maggoty fish wrapped in newspaper. Dr. Watts comes in and Ben shows him the fish. Magda comes in and admits to putting the fish under the bed.

She tells them the demon is a dybbuk from Jewish tradition. The fish protects people from it. She also tells them that Aunt Tessa had rewritten her will so that Daisy would inherit everything after her eighteenth birthday.

In HQ, Caitlin confides in Jenn that she never wanted to get married because her parents had had a terrible relationship. But Ben changed her mind. Now, she’s terrified he never makes it back. Jenn reassures her and tells her not to lose hope and faith.

Ben still can’t get Addison to appear so he talks things out with his reflection of Father Davenport. He decides to make himself open to a potential supernatural phenomena and attempt an exorcism.

He puts on the vestments and downs another swig of the gin in the parlor. He enters Daisy’s room and begins the Latin commands to bring the demon forth. Daisy levitates and then drops back to the bed. The demon shadow emerges. It knocks Ben to the ground and Ben passes out.

Ben wakes up in a dream where he and Addison can touch and kiss. He realizes he’s hallucinating. Addison directs his attention to a gin glass. He realizes it’s been laced with a hallucinogenic. He’s been drugged. Also, Daisy’s soup must’ve been drugged too.

He realizes someone in the house is framing Daisy’s demon for killing Tessa, and at 12:06, they’ll kill Daisy too.

Addison helps him think through how Tessa was killed and realize there must be a secret door to Daisy’s room.

Waking up in Daisy’s room, Ben finds the secret door at the back or the armoire. There’s a knock. Ben sits down next to Daisy as everyone except Magda comes in. He leaves to make a quick call but realizes there is no emergency service to call in 1934. Magda comes by to tell him the phone line’s been dead since he arrived.

Ben asks Magda about the new will and finds out Charles has been cut out completely. If Daisy dies, the inheritance will pass to Percy. Percy’s room is where the secret passage connects to.

He asks Magda if Percy’s asked her to purchase anything unusual lately. She says she drove to a horticulturalist to buy some jimsomweed for the garden. Ben uses the encyclopedias to figure out that’s what was in the gin that caused the hallucinations.

Ben and Magda explain what’s happening to Daisy who is devastated that her uncle could do everything they describe. Ben says they have a plan to get solid proof.

Charles, Lola, and Percy hear noises and rush upstairs to find Ben performing Last Rites for Daisy as Dr. Watts pronounces her dead. Lola bursts into tears.

The body is draped on the dining room table waiting for the coroner’s car. Ben invites the constable to join them in a prayer. As Ben begins, he stops, claiming to hear the Holy Spirit. It’s saying the demon is still present.

He commands the demon to reveal itself and Daisy’s body sits up, still wrapped in its cloth. It accuses Percy of killing Daisy. Ben gets him to confess to killing Tessa and poisoning Daisy but he denies doing it for the inheritance. He claims he did it for Lola.

Lola tips her hand in her reaction and Percy tells them all he’s in love with Lola and Lola had agreed to run away with him to Hollywood once he had the inheritance.

Daisy reveals herself and forgives her mother out of Christian faith. However, the constable, having witnessed the confessions, arrests them both.

Ian’s computer screen flashes to a 404 Page Not Found display, meaning the Reddit about Daisy’s possession had disappeared, indicating that Ben was successful in saving her.

Ian’s phone pings, interrupting their celebration. They’re not happy about finding out where the interference in the imaging chamber is coming from.

Daisy thanks Ben and tells him she plans on donating her inheritance to a small charity nearby that helps people find jobs. It’s called Goodwill. She tells him she still believes he was sent by God. The first time she saw Father Davenport, she saw Ben. She wishes him safe travels back to Baltimore.

As he picks up his bible to leave, the shadow reappears but this time it clarifies into Janis. She introduces herself and explains that she cut off the signal to QL HQ so they couldn’t interfere with her getting through to Ben. She starts to warn him but he leaps.

When he lands, he’s running with a group of teens from the Sierra Youth Academy. He’s named Ben but isn’t himself. They escape the Academy.


Quantum Leap
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Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Addison: Are you wearing cat ears?
Ian: What? I keep them in my desk in case of e-meow-gencies.

Ben: Exorcisms aren’t real. And even if they were, I’m not religious. I don’t believe in possession.
Addison: Ben, you are literally possessing that guy’s body right now.
Ben: Okay, fair point.