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Ben leaps into a teen who is running with a group who jump into a jeep and take off from the Sierra Youth Academy, chased by adults. The year is 1996.

The teens discuss where they’re going now that they’ve escaped. Their first destination is Reno. Stacy plans on going to Vegas to deal in the casinos. The other boy, Roy, plans on going to the Alaskan interior. Leah wants to go home but Stacy warns her against it.

Ben’s leapee, also named Ben, is known for stealing. Roy has a history with dope. Stacy used to strip.

One of the jeep’s tires bursts and the vehicle skids off an embankment. They all survive. Stacy freaks out in frustration. Addison arrives.

Ben steps away with Addison and tells her about Janis Calavicci contacting him. Addison tells him Janis and him were working together before he leaped. He has flashes of memories of Janis talking to him.

Addison briefs him on the current leap. July 10, 1996. He is Benjamin Winters. The history shows the four teens got lost on a school hike and died of heat exposure. Addison leaves to run diagnostics and let the team know about Janis.

Leah sees Ben talking and asks him if he has imaginary friends like she used to when she was a kid and her family situation was toxic. He tells her it’s his girlfriend he’s talking to. She tells him she had one before too and it was nice. Stacy has a plan apparently.

The team meets about Janis. Ian states that she must have her own imaging chamber and handlink. Jenn is able to figure out where she is based on the power surges needed for her to contact Ben.

The teens are taking stock of what they’re carrying. Addison returns and tells Ben the camp covered up the escape by saying the kids got lost on a hike. She urges him to keep the group together since historically, they headed south, split up, and all of them died.

Ben tries to talk sense into them, but the others state unequivocally that they’d rather die than return to the school. Ben tells Addison to make sure they don’t get lost while he attempts to keep them alive.

Jenn’s working on tracking Janis. A call comes in from her dad but she ignores it. It’s one of many she’s let go to voicemail. She finds the energy spike in East Los Angeles and lets Magic know.

Magic tells her her dad reached out to him because she’s not taking his calls. She says she’s focused on catching Janis. Their elevator suddenly stops. Jenn’s tablet indicates the entire facility is under lockdown protocol. Magic theorizes Janis has been watching them and deliberately trapped them in the elevator when they were on their way to her warehouse.

Addison gives Ben the rundown on the other teens. Roy comes from very successful parents but flunks out despite a high IQ and has tried to commit suicide. Stacy was a star athlete until her mother died. Her father was an alcoholic and she was sent to Sierra Academy after trying to burn down her own house. Leah’s family is very religious and she has a complicated mental health history. A straight A student but her parents found her cutting herself and sent her to Sierra.

Ben suggests the group make camp for the night. Stacy insists they keep going to a cabin she knows about. When Ben recommends again that they could go back to the road, Roy pushes him out of anger. Stacy agrees to camp out for the night.

Sitting around the campfire, they are approached by a pack of wolves. Leah recommends they make themselves scarier than the wolves and chase them off. It works.

Ben and Roy talk while the others sleep. Addison recommends that Ben give Roy a chance to be listened to.

Roy tells Ben about two days he spent in “The Box” at the Sierra Academy which sounds like torture. Addison theorizes Ben’s leap is about more than saving these four teens.

At HQ, everyone is still trapped and panicking. Ian’s overwhelmed trying to fix it.

Magic and Jenn take the time they have to talk about her father. He’s a con man and reaches out occasionally. Jenn isn’t willing to risk herself emotionally (and financially) again. Magic encourages her not to give up on her relationship with her dad.

The teens are trudging through hundred degree heat and Roy and Leah both look like they’re going to collapse. Stacy insists that they keep going. They’re out of water. Ben tells Addison that his mission is to help them escape alive.

Leah collapses screaming. She’s broken her ankle. With Addison’s guidance, Ben organizes the others to build a splint for Leah. The plan is to head to a creek a little over two miles away. Roy gives Leah his painkillers, claiming he doesn’t need them anymore.

Ian tries to get Addison to come help them with freeing Jenn and Magic but Addison insists she’s more needed on Ben’s mission.

Leah becomes chatty on the painkillers and tells the group about how she’s a lesbian and her religious parents think she’ll go to Hell for it. She also still loves her parents and cares what they think.

The group reaches the creek but it’s dry. This upsets Ben. He can’t see how to save the teens without water. He sees a pipe and flashes on his original intention for leaping. He realizes the pipe is one that draws water from the creek to a cabin that’s off the grid. He follows it and finds a cabin. They go in.

They find food and there’s water and candles. They make themselves at home. Leah tries to contact her uncle. They have a dance party.

In the elevator, Jenn asks Magic what her dad told him. Magic says he’s lonely and worried Jenn will never talk to him again. Addison opens up the elevator hatch to help them out.

In the cabin, Roy and Stacy flirt and get close but Stacy runs from the situation. Ben follows her outside and gives her a pep talk.

A truck comes up the road. Ben and Stacy run inside to warn the others. Two staff members from the camp get out of the truck with weapons. The teens hide around the outside of the cabin but, unbeknownst to the others, Leah sneaks around to the front and calls out to the staff members, drawing their attention away from the others. They check to see that her ankle is really broken and take her away.

Stacy and Roy want to run to Reno and disappear but Ben inspires them to take down the Sierra Academy once and for all. Stacy comes up with a plan.

At the camp, the staff intend to put Leah in The Box for a week as punishment for her defiance. As they’re dragging her to The Box, a TV van rolls up and her uncle, the TV newsperson, rushes out to ask the camp director and staff what they do to the kids at Sierra Academy. The director refuses to answer and tells them they’re trespassing.

At HQ, Jenn is in touch with a team at Janis’s warehouse. Janis has cleared house. Magic reassures her that she’ll catch Janis eventually. He walks away and Jenn calls her dad.

At the camp, the teens reunite with Leah. Her uncle checks in with them about going on the record about Sierra Youth Academy. Addison lets Ben know the camp gets shut down and Leah’s uncle does an expose on all the abusive youth camps in the area. The teens all grow up to be successful and happy and stay friends for life.

As the teens promise to stay in touch, Ben remembers why he leaped in the first place. He tells Addison that it was to save her. And then he leaps.


Quantum Leap
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Quantum Leap Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

The people you know aren’t the answer. They’re the problem. They’ve already made up their minds about you.


Leah: I just want to go home.
Stacy: Leah, you can’t go home. You know that, right? Your parents sent you away because they think you’re broken.
Ben: Hey…take it easy.
Stacy: What? I mean, it’s true. I don’t want her to walk in and think they’ll suddenly just accept her for who she is.