Don't Open the Door - Quarry Season 1 Episode 3
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The hour opens exactly where we left off with someone knocking on Joni's door. It's Suggs who comes up with a story as to why he's there and gets himself invited in.

Mac finally gets home from Gwen's and sees that something is off in the house. He runs into the bathroom and finds something written in blood on the mirror when the phone rings. It's Suggs who wants twenty grand in exchange for Joni. 

At a car lot, an old man is playing Word Jumble when the phone rings. Turns out this guy works for The Broker as a sort of bookkeeper. He gets a call from a frantic Quarry and eventually passes the message on to Karl who is at a club with The Broker. They leave and meet Mac in an alley. At first he's not going to help Mac, but after Mac asks him nicely, The Broker agrees to help.

Cliff's sister is at the police station waiting to talk to the detectives. Olsen is in the lieutenant's office arguing with Ratliff about whether or not Cliff's death was an accident. It is ruled an accident. Olsen isn't convinced, because he somehow thinks Mac is involved.

Buddy is at his mom's house getting stitched up from his gunshot wound. .

Suggs has Joni tied up at his place, a little shanty in a bayou. He tells her about Mac's affair and Arthur's murder. She doesn't believe him. It seems like he's going to rape her, but she tells him she has her period. He gives her her purse to go to the bathroom, and she pulls out the knife she stashed in there and puts it in her panties before heading back out and being tied up again. Suggs leaves.

Buddy is having a great time at his mom's house just talking. He tells her he doesn't want to do what he does anymore, that he feels the inside of him has "worn away." When his mom leaves the room to make a drink, he pops a couple more of the pain pills she gave him earlier.

Suggs calls Mac again and tells him where to meet at the appointed time.

On a rooftop, Moses tells The Broker he didn't find anything at Ruth's house. It's implied that he was the reason the Suggs job went bad and The Broker won't give him any other work until he finds the money. For the meantime, he puts Moses on Mac surveillance.

Karl visits Mac and gives him the twenty grand demanded by Suggs. Karl doesn't get why Mac is doing this and taunts him about his cheating wife. Karl tells Mac he will kill Suggs after Joni is safe.

Joni is trying to break free, but she falls and the knife slides away. Suggs comes in and finds the knife, but Joni had cut the ropes and when he leans over she pops him in the face. They struggle and she eventually gets away in his boat.

At a gay club, Buddy is undeniably wasted when he sees someone he knows. He confronts Gary about not calling before he leaves in a huff.

Joni is walking when she comes across a tackle shop and breaks in through a window.

Mac is counting money and counting down the time to when he's supposed to meet up with Suggs when the phone rings. Joni tells him where to find her. It's pretty tense after he picks her up. They argue and she throws out that she knows about Gwen.

Mac pulls into the car lot where Karl is waiting. He gives Mac the keys to another car. He and Joni take off.



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Quarry Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You won't do shit compared to what I'll do to her if you don't shut the fuck up.


Mac: What am I doing:
Karl: Whatever you like, but pry better to steer clear of the truth. For her sake.