A Walk Through the Woods - Quarry Season 1 Episode 5
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Mac and Joni reconnect by making love.

Ruth is getting ready to go to work. There's not enough milk for cereal, so the kids use water. 

Marcus is on the way to school when his bus gets attacked by a bunch of idiot white guys who proceed to take one of Marcus' friends out and beat him.

Mac visits his dad to ask for money, but Lloyd isn't too thrilled about the four grand. He says he'll see what he can do.

Cliff's sister is cleaning out Cliff's place and talking to Det. Olsen. He wants to know if he ever mentioned anything about Joni. The girl says no.

Mac and Joni are watching the news about the bus incident, and Mac feels guilty for not being there.

The Broker pulls up and Mac goes for a long ride with him to a juke joint.

Joni comes to babysit so Ruth can go to work. She's accosted by some black guys, but Ruth saves the day.

The Broker and Mac are gambling. He's playing a game of poker and a fight ensues between Mac and another guy, provoked by The Broker.

Joni is playing hide and seek with Ruth's daughter. She looks in the closet for the money, but doesn't find it and is caught by Marcus.

Moses is talking to Ruth at the diner. He's not happy and when she goes out for a cigarette he follows to try to comfort her.

The Broker tells Mac he wants him to kill someone, but he was only joking.

Ruth is at home trying to talk with Marcus, but Marcus won't have any of it. He goes off, but Ruth settles him down.

Mac finds The Broker in the slave owner's house talking with some Vietnamese guys. He has a PTSD episode.

The Broker and Mac go to breakfast the next morning. Mac calls Joni to tell her he's okay. He and The Broker talk and he sees The Broker put butter in his coffee. Mac goes home and does the same.


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Quarry Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I don't think anyone could accuse you of not being there for them.


Lloyd; What in th ehell have you gotten yourself mixed up on that you need four thousand dollars.