Laying Low
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Suggs is in a bathroom picking off leeches. Meanwhile, Mac is on a pay phone either talking to Karl or The Broker about Suggs. They haven't found him yet, and Mac thinks they aren't even trying.

Mac walks back to the room, but makes a pit stop at the filthy pool. Even though it's disgusting, he dives in anyway. The motel manager comes by and asks what he's doing, tells him the pool is closed. 

Back in the room, Mac is taking a shower when Joni wakes up. She thinks someone is in the room and grabs the gun and points it at Mac as he comes out of the shower.  He tells her they can't go home yet, and she calls sick into work.

Joni wants answers about Suggs, but Mac doesn't want to give them to her. They argue. She wants to call the cops, he says no. Then she starts asking about Arthur. Mac continues to evade.

Suggs shows up at their house and breaks in, uses the shower and looks around. While he's looking through a photo album, Detective Olsen shows up. Suggs is ready to shoot him if he comes in, but he's called out on another incident and leaves. Suggs sees that Joni works at the paper. 

The housekeeper is cleaning the room while Mac and Joni sit outside. They exchange insults about kids and he leaves to go talk to Harlow who is trying to fix the pool pump. As he's talking, Joni runs up to Mac and spits in his face, telling him she hates him.

Instead of chasing after Joni to try to patch things up, he stays with Harlow helping with the pool. A new customer shows up in a suit and shiny car. Mac is worried it might be one of The Broker's guys and runs back to the room, but Joni locked him out. He keeps banging, and she comes out and jumps in the car. He chases after her.

Suggs visits the newspaper and asks about Joni. He gets the receptionist to leave her desk and gets the phone number from her phone then leaves.

Mac is watching Spitz on TV when Joni comes back. They exchange barbs once again. There's lots of bitterness. Joni is bitter he went back to war. He says he had to, but she can't accept it. 

Joni goes to the ice machine and runs into the new guy (Man in Room 5). She's a little shaken up. As she heads back to the room, she asks a hooker standing in the doorway if she could have a hit off her joint. The lady sells Joni her own joint. Back in the room, she's smoking and watching Gumby when Mac returns. He cares for her wound, and she tries to kiss him, but he pulls away.

She wants to talk about Cliff, but he doesn't want to, so he leaves. Again. He sees Harlow working on the pool and he goes to help him. They have a conversation about religion and God. 

Suggs meets with a guy named Billy who has a list of calls that came into the receptionist at the paper. Billy wants to be paid extra so Suggs shoots him in the head and takes off.

Joni calls in sick to work again, and finds out a cop was looking for her (it was Suggs). Mac leaves the room again and goes to Room 5 and peeks in the window. He sees the shaving bag like the Broker hands out, but before he can do anything, the guy shuts the curtain, then opens the door. Mac leaves.

Mac gets some coffee in the main office and asks Harlow about the guy in Room 5. He tells Mac he's a salesman, but that's all he knows. Mac is suspicious. Mac offers to fix Harlow's pool pump and tells him he has a pool at home.

Suggs is making phone calls to everyone on the list. Harlow is about to leave the office when the phone rings. 

Joni is sitting on the bed in the room watching the Munich Olympics hostage situation. Mac comes in with the pump and turns off the TV. Joni is annoyed. They start fighting again, talking about Cliff and the war. Then, she tells him he killed children in Vietnam and he explodes. A neighbor knocks on the door, Mac storms out, sees the guy in Room 5 watching and heads over there to beat him up. Turns out he was really a salesman. Joni follows and tries to calm Mac down which doesn't work and makes amends with the guy so he doesn't call the cops.

Mac is back in the room working on the pump when Joni comes in. The news is showing the Israeli hostages were killed. Suggs shows up.

Mac is sleeping on the floor and Joni is on the bed when they start talking about Cliff. They're civilized now. It's late, but Harlow knocks. He needs his tools. Turns out Suggs is with him. He shoves Harlow in the room and shoots him. Gets hold of Mac demanding to know why he came after him. Joni takes the gun and shoots Suggs, he turns to shoot her, but another woman from another room comes in and shoots Suggs, killing him. She tells them to leave and they do.

At home, Mac tells her the whole story about The Broker. He says he'll leave, but she grabs his hand signifying she doesn't want him to. They're in it together.


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Quarry Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Joni: So are we safe here?
Mac: Of course.

You worry about finding this shitbag so I can take my goddamn wife home.