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Teresa is turned over to Gato, the man who tried to rape her whom she shot, and his buddy, Pote. Epifanio is thrilled that his men have found Teresa. Teresa sticks to her story that the journal will be sent to the Federales, the DEA, and the rival cartels. 

Epifanio leaves Teresa to be raped and tortured by Gato and will come back in an hour. If they don’t know where the journal is by then, he will kill her. Teresa fights Gato, gets his gun, shoots and kills him. 

Epifanio gets word that his lieutenants are gathering for a meeting without his knowledge. He goes to the meeting where he finds his lieutenants have all fallen in line with Camila who is now in charge. Epifanio is furious, even as he wins the election and becomes the new Governor of Sinaloa. 

Now that he is governor, Epifanio asks Colonel Cortez to crush the cartels, including all of his former lieutenants. He attacks their compounds and kills their men. Camila is shocked by his reaction. She tries to take Isabella with her to Dallas but the girl refuses to go, so Camila let’s her go back to Epifanio.

Teresa takes Pote hostage but he is angry with Epifanio for killing all of his friends in order to keep Camila from gaining power. Teresa calls Camila and offers her the journal but Camila wonders if she’s telling the truth. James convinces Camila to trust Teresa and they go to meet her.

Teresa and Pote go back to the farm to find Brenda, who is dead. Teresa shoots and kills the man who killed her. Camila and James arrive. Camila wants the journal. Teresa tells her, “You’re not ordering me around anymore. I don’t work for you. I’m not your hostage. These will be my terms.”

A DEA agent takes photos from a distance of Teresa, Pote, Camila, and James. Elsewhere, the photos show up on a computer screen and an agent asks another man in the room who the woman on the screen is. The man answers, "Teresa Mendoza." That man is Guero who is very much alive. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Don't underestimate the cunning of what you are witnessing. It's a craft. She's simply buying time.


Why is it that he's allowed to be a father, and a husband, and a businessman, and I am not?