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Teresa is sent on her first drug delivery on her own but it doesn’t go as planned and two men end up dead, but her contact tells James and Camila that Teresa did well. 

Epafanio learns that a coyote put Brenda and her son on a bus to the U.S.. Before she destroyed her cell phone, she got a call from a burner phone in Dallas, just three blocks from one of Camila’s places. Cesar, Epifanio’s right hand man, stakes out Camila’s place looking for Teresa. When Teresa drives up, he tazes her and abducts her. 

Camila and James sees the abduction on her security footage and she sends two State Troopers on her payroll who pull over Cesar and rescue Teresa. 

Camila tells Cesar that Epifanio plans to give him control over the cartel only until he’s elected governor, then he will kill Cesar and hold a press conference saying he’s responsible for taking out the head of the cartel…all the while regaining control over everything. She let’s Cesar go. He has a choice, he can go back to Epifanio or he can become Camila’s ally and gain real power. 

Camila orders four Bentley’s to give as gifts. One he sends Epifanio’s drug distribution manager, with a trunk full of cash. She tells him she knows he’s lost money since she left for Texas and that changes are coming. 

Cesar gets back to Mexico and tells Epifanio that he found Teresa.

Brenda and Tony arrive in Dallas. Teresa put them up in a motel for the night and promises to come back tomorrow. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

People don't like people who talk so much, Tony. How many times do I have to tell you that? Open your mouth only when you eat.


You do not stop on your journey, that's how you get killed. I don't care if you hit something, a cat, a dog, a priest. You do not stop. Is that clear?