Risking It All - Queen of the South
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Brenda and Teresa plan to blackmail the man who cleans Epifanio’s money for $500,000 so that they can disappear. They follow the coordinates but all they find is a hidden underground container full of decomposing bodies. Then two men come up with guns and escort them to a house on the property. 

At the house, Brenda and Teresa show a page from the journal and try to use it to obtain the money but a man comes up behind them, using an electric cattle prod to incapacitate them. They wake up tied up. The men threaten Brenda’s cousin Victor when they find the registration in the car. 

Teresa tells them that she got the journal from Guero and if she doesn’t return to where she came from soon, a letter with all of the information will be sent to the Federales and the DEA. The man agrees to pay them $250,000 and lets them go but when Brenda begs for them to not kill her son, who is with Victor, they decide they don’t have to pay them anything for their silence.

They grab Brenda and Teresa runs with the bag full of cash but when they shoot at her, her car crashes. 

DEA Don’s wife is assigned to the safe house where the Jimenez lieutenant is being held and he won’t give up the location, so they kill him. Then they get the information using his cell phone and James and his team attack the safe house and return the lieutenant to Manuel. 

Epifanio is shocked to find out that Camila had Birdman killed and that’s why the Jimenez cartel is burning down his stash houses. The Jimenez cartel won’t return his calls and Epifanio can’t retaliate because the election is tomorrow. 

Camila summons Cesar to meet her to tell him that she and the Jimenez cartel have formed a partnership. She reminds Cesar that she told him she was going to take over and he chose to side with Epifanio. Cesar tells her that Epifanio will take their daughter from school and keep Isabella from her. Then Cesar realizes that Camila already has Isabella. 

Isabella is furious with her mother, accusing her of hating Epifanio more than she loves. her. 

Camila invites all of the men from Epifanio’s organization to whom she gifted the Bentley’s and tells them she is now in charge. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

It's okay to be scared. The way things have been going, you should be.


Cesar: You're getting to the point of no return, Camila.
Camila: No Cesar, I reached that point long ago.