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Teresa is awoken by a young girl in a devil’s mask and angel wings who releases her from her chains and tells her she’s in a place of worship and devotion and that she must follow her. The little girl says she is Teresa’s protection and if she takes her hand she will be invisible. They come to a courtyard where James and Guero are also being led by children in the same costume. 


Teresa, James and Guero try to escape but the people in the courtyard attack them, then only stop when Teresa takes the little girls hand again. The girl tells her she must follow her and confess her sins. But before El Santo will do a deal with them, he wants Teresa to choose James or Guero to die as a sacrifice. Teresa chooses herself to die instead. 


El Santo says he believes Teresa is pure of heart and will create herself. He puts her through a ritual where he uses the blood of his enemies. When Teresa awakens, she, James and Guero are on the road to Chile with the drugs. When they try to get past some soldiers who are blocking the road, Guero is shot and killed. But Teresa hallucinates it all and she wakes up once again they approach the soldiers. This time Guero ends up shooting and killing James. Turns out El Santo poisoned her, but because she is pure of heart, she survives.


El Santo agrees to the deal and Teresa convinces King George to wait for them, but they are ambushed by La Capitana and her men. James and Guero take out the soldiers while Teresa battles with La Capitana. El Guero saves James life by killing a soldier who is about to kill him. When La Capitana tries to kill Teresa, Teresa bludgeons the woman to death. The threesome continue their journey out of Bolivia.


Isabela looks uncomfortable as her friends get high and Olivia wants to drink her father’s $3,000 dollar and they catch Epifanio’s mistress leaving his room. Isabela decides to jet off to Dallas with her boyfriend. She arrives alone at her mother’s and hugs Camila, but when she learns that her parents are divorcing, she leaves. Upset, Camlia calls her attorney for a booty call to feel good. On the private flight home, Isabela takes the drugs Olivia offers her. 


Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Teresa: What is this place? Who are these people?
El Santo: They are the believers.
Teresa: El Santo?
El Santo: Yes, some people call me that but it is a name that can never be taken. It must always, always be given.

This shit is like 3000 a bottle. What do you think, Bella, are we worth it?