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Guera is alive and the DEA isn’t happy that his former girlfriend is in the middle of a major drug war. He tells them wear Camila’s drug operation is in Dallas, but she’s already cleared out.  

Fearing now that Epifanio is governor he will have her killed, Camila decides to head back to Dallas with Teresa, James, and Pote, with the DEA is also chasing them. Teresa insists on being a part of the business. She shows Camila the journal Epifanio is willing to kill for. With Epifanio cutting off all of Camila’s suppliers, the book leads them to a new supplier, King George. 

King George is crazy, and he will only do business with them if they kidnap a “business associate” of his in Houston, Rolando Rios, who owes him money and won’t see him. They agree. 

Rolando is a former gang member who says he’s found God since he’s gotten out of prison and has been doing activist work for five years. He tries to convince Teresa to let him go and save her soul,  but she doesn’t. King George kills Rolando, and does goes through with the deal with Camila. 

Epifanio tells Camila to either sign divorce papers or expect a war. She tells him to bring on the war.

Epifanio tells Batman to take care of Colonel Cortez, who is also head of the cartel. Cortez helped take down Camila’s operation after Epifanio was elected governor and wants them to be partners, but Epifanio wants him put back in his place. 

Later, Epifanio comes home to find his own protection crew replaced by soldiers. Cortez is there. He offers Epifanio a taco, then explains how he had a talk with Batman. Then we see Batman, dead and roasting on a spit like a pig on Epifanio’s patio. Cortez makes it clear that Epifanio is a figure head and he is now in charge. 

In the future Teresa shoots her lover, but we can’t see who it is. 




Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Couture feels better than flannel.


There's an old saying about success, that it's lonely at the top. I'm here to tell you that that's bullshit. I run an international drug empire and I have everyone and everything that I need. On the way up, even your worst enemies can become your best friends, and your best friends? Collateral damage.