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Isabel is sent a necklace with El Santo’s symbol. Epifanio believes it’s a threat from El Santo and is furious when he finds out that Camila owes El Santo $3 million. He offers to pay it, take the product and sell it himself and put Camila out of business for good. Camila declines the offer and hangs up on him. Colonel Cortez pushes Epifanio to kill Camila, but Epifanio says not to touch her. 

Despite the risks, Camila is pleased that Teresa made the deal and decides to give her a role in obtaining distribution, but she’s upset with James for not killing Guero and shuts him out of making the deals.

When Camila and Teresa broker a deal to take Ki Moon, the biggest distributor in the west, away from Epifanio, he has the Colonel kill him. 

Later, Camila and Teresa go to meet with another distributor, but realize he’s an imposter. The distributor is dead in the bathtub and the person they’re meeting is the Colonel’s hitman. When he calls to tell the Colonel that Camila and Teresa are there, Cortez tells him to find out where they are storing their Bolivian cocaine and then kill them. 

Teresa figures out something is wrong and she and Camila flee before he returns. Camila admits that Teresa saved her life and thanks her. Teresa asks her to spare Guero. Camila agrees but Guero must leave Dallas because the DEA is after him. 

Epifanio tells Isabela how his parents were farmers who struggled to pay protection to the local gangster, El Crocodille. When they were short one time too many, his parents were hung from a tree, where Epifanio found them. 

The DEA picks up Cole’s wife, Kelly Anne. They tell her that Cole is having an affair with Camila Vargas and that she’s the head of a cartel and a killer. Kelly Anne says her husband doesn’t talk to her about business and denies knowing Teresa, James or Guero when she’s shown photos. Later, she calls Teresa and invites her to a wine tasting party. 

Kelly Anne asks Teresa if Camila is having an affair with her husband. Teresa says Camila is happily married and wouldn’t do that. 

Epifanio sends Camila the $3 million, but she refuses to send him the product, and decides to find her own distribution with a private jet business. Teresa figures out that Camila sent the El Santo charm to Isabela, knowing how Epifanio would react and buying her time with El Santo. 

As governor, Epifanio offers to partner on a joint task force with the DEA. Now Colonel Cortez is working with U.S. Federal agents to take down Camila. 



Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Camila: You're making judgement calls now?
James: Teresa makes them, you pat her on the back. I make them, I'm insubordinate.

Camila: So why did you do it?
Teresa: Because now you have a choice, with nothing you don't. It was a gamble. I made it alone.
Camila: Well done, Teresa.