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It’s Camila’s birthday, and although Pote, James and Teresa all get her a gift and a cake, she gets nothing from Isabela, which upsets her.

Camila sends Teresa, James, and Pote to Chicago to spread around El Santo’s cocaine. She strategizes that once Devon Finch’s clients have a taste, they will want more, and then he will have to come to her. When it doesn’t go as planned, they steal one of Devon’s shipments, and that gets them a meeting. 

Camila tells Teresa to cut Guero off in Chicago or she will. While in Chicago, Teresa sleep with Guero and the two plan to take off, but those plans are dashed when Devon’s right hand woman breaks in and tells them Camila has a meeting with Devon in three hours at the airport. Pote sees the bags and realizes what was happening. He tells Guero that Teresa’s a strong woman now and no longer the girl he left behind to be raped. Pote tells Guero that if he really cares about her, he will leave. 

When the DEA realizes that El Santo’s cocaine is being sold at a hotel in Chicago, they send their Detective Alonzo Loya and Colonel Cortez. When Cortez spots James, he opens fire and then captures him. Alonzo tries to stop the Colonel from torturing James, and then Guero, Teresa and Pote rescue him. 

Epifanio has a heart attack when Camila tells him over the phone that Cortez tried to have her killed. Camila goes to visit him in the hospital, despite the risk of being arrested. She tries to call Isabela and realizes that she’s partying with Kiki Jimenez. Camila gets angry with Epifanio for not taking care of that. 

Kelly Anne confronts Camila about sleeping with Cole, but Camila tells her that there’s no way Cole would sleep with an old woman like her when he has a young beauty like Kelly Anne. 


Impressed with the lengths she’s gone to, Devon meets with Camila. While they meet, Guero tells Teresa he has to go and take care of something on his own but that he’ll be back. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

James: It’s not safe. We're just targets at a gun range. We need to leave.
Camila: You stay where I say.

I've never had to ask you twice to do something. Today is not the day to start, James.