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Teresa has Camila's incoming product shipment to Phoenix hijacked, leaving hers as the only product available in the hopes that La Comisión will have to do business with her, but Tazas and his people are leery and fear retaliation. 


Even though her shipment was hijacked, Camila tells Pecas she still expects to be paid because the tip came from inside La Comisión.


Pote fears that Teresa is angry with him for locking her in the cellar. She says she’s not angry, she’s hurt because he would never have disrespected a man that way. He apologizes and said he made a mistake but hopes she’ll never question his loyalty to her because he lives and dies for her. Teresa tells him they are family and they live and die for one another. When Pote asks, she also admits that she and James now have a more intimate relationship.


Sheriff Mayo is alive and working with Pecas. They both plan to kill Tazas and Teresa. 


James and King George show up with “bazookas and blow.” Charger sees Sheriff Mayo in town. Teresa and Tazas realize they can’t take the main roads or the Sheriff will pick them off. They decide to take a back road known as the Devil’s Highway, 200 miles of badlands where James fears an ambush. King George suggests using the fastest cars they can get. 


One of Tazas men fears retribution and goes to Sheriff Myio, telling him the plan to use the Devi’s Highway in exchange for keeping his people safe. The Sheriff shoots him instead and sets up a roadblock to take down Teresa and her shipment. 


The Sheriff intercepts the shipment but Teresa and her team fight back. The van with the drugs ends up on fire. When the van is about to explode, Teresa saves James’ life. They lose 87 kilos. Teresa refuses to cut the remaining cocaine and says she’ll take the loss to keep the product pure. 


Little T and Charger go to Pecas to show him they now have the only product in town. He calls Teresa and says he’ll give her an answer in 24 hours. Later they find Charger dead and Little T alive but unconscious with the message “Return To Sender” carved into her back. King George and Bilal are attacked as they make their way back through Mexico by Camila and Cortez’s men. They get his manifest and plan to stop future shipments.


Teresa makes a deal and buys off Sheriff Mayo. Then she plans to kill Pecas and the rest of La Comisión.   


General Cortez avoids Camila’s calls. Isabela tells her that Kique is missing. Camila says she will do everything in her power to find him. 


When he does see Camila, Cortez begins recording their conversations. He tells Camila that Kique never showed up to the meet and he may be in hiding with his father. He records Camila saying she gave the order to kidnap Kique and that Isabela can never know. 


Isabel goes to Cortez alone and asks him straight out if her mother had him do something to Kique. He makes it sound as though Camila ordered a hit on Kique. Isabela insists on seeing Kique’s body and Cortez brings her to him. Isabela insists on making her mother pay. 


Cortez has soldiers surrounding Camila, telling her it’s for her own protection but she doesn’t feel safe. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Pote: I know you’re still pissed about what happened yesterday.
Teresa: I’m not angry. I’m hurt. When you worked for Epifanio did you ever disagree with an order?
Pote: Of course.
Teresa: But you never locked him in a cellar. You would never disrespect a man like that.

Like you, I got into this business to survive. I thought if I played by the rules I’d be okay. It doesn’t work that way. We must decide where to draw the line.