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Kique Jimenez is found dead and the news is saying that Governor Vargas may be involved. Camila realizes that she can’t trust Cortez. She tells Isabela the truth, that she ordered Cortez to kidnap Kique but Cortez killed him in order to usurp her power and take her business. 

King George is locked in an asylum. They want information about Teresa’s operation. They’ve lobotomized Bilal, who will never be the same. George agrees to give Camila information about Teresa for his and Bilal’s freedom but Cortez doesn’t believe him and plans to torture he and Bilal further. Back in Phoenix, Teresa and her crew don’t yet know that George is missing.

Renaldo has lost confidence in Camila. Camila sneaks out of the house using her maid’s car to meet with Cochi, Boaz’s cicaro who tried to kill her. She will free him if he can kill General Cortez. He agrees. 

Cortez lies to Camila and tells her that Teresa had Kique killed. Cortez encourages Isabela to turn against her mother or else Camila will drag her down the same way she did Epifanio. During a public speech, Isabela says her mother is guilty of drug trafficking and murder. When Cochi tries to kill Cortez, Cortez kills him instead. Camila goes on the run as there are calls for her arrest. 

Kelly Anne and Teresa make contact with District Attorney Theo Carson who is running for Senate. Teresa realizes that Kelly Anne is getting high and it’s a problem. She sends her back to the winery to get sober. Kelly Anne apologizes and says she’s been using more since the incident with Devon but she won’t let it happen again. 

James and Pote deliver a shipment of hidden drugs to Bedoya’s mattress store warehouse as they consider him the weak link in La Comisión. The Sheriff’s officers raid the warehouse and they find the drugs. Bedoya is arrested but when the charges are dropped, he knows La Comisión will think that he has made a deal and turned on them. Teresa tells him he needs to deliver La Comisión to her. She tells Bedoya that afterward, she, he and Tazas will be partners. 

Bedoya meets La Comisión at a strip club. James and Pote take out the rest of La Comisión but Pecas isn’t there. Sheriff Mayo gave him a heads up, but the Sheriff then turns Pecas over to Teresa, saying she pays better. Pecas asks to make a deal but Teresa says he already broke their deal. James kills Pecas. Mayo says he has a grave picked out already, right next to the reporter Teresa sent the video of him beating a prisoner.

Teresa turns the video of Mayo abusing the inmate over District Attorney Carson who has him arrested. It gives him a big bump in the polls and he now considers Teresa a good friend. Teresa calls Mayo in prison. He asks which Horseman of the Apocalypse she considers herself. It can’t be death because that’s him. She tells him that she’s the Horseman of War, then has Mayo put in a room full of other prisoners who beat him, most likely to death. 

After Teresa, Pote, and James toast to taking over Pheonix, James and Teresa make love once again. 


Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Cortez: You playing the long game, Your Highness? Tossing us scraps while you protect that bitch that feeds you?
King George: Now is this some kind of psychopathic courtship, cause I’m digging it. I like a man in uniform.

Camila: You have no loyalty to her?
King George: I’m a pirate, Madam, not a saint.