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Teresa gets her 200 kilos of cocaine from General Cortez as promised. She gives Taza 50 kilos, double what they’d agreed upon. She tells him she’ll continue to pay him double if he agrees to get his tribe out of the business in five years. He agrees. 

King George buried Bilal at sea. He’s determined to see Cortez dead. 

Cortez takes possession of Camila who asks to see Isabela. Cortez gives Isabela a gun and prods her to get justice for Kique by killing her mother. Camila gets on her knees. When Camila swears she didn’t order Kique’s death but tells Isabela to kill her if it will bring her peace, Isabela turns and tries to kill Cortez, but the gun is not loaded. 

As Pote, Teresa, and King George drive back to the compound they are accosted by Castel, Reynaldo’s niece. She tells Teresa that they are the future of this business and that Cortez is already planning a strike against her. Teresa worries that Castel has other motives for warning her besides wanting to work together. 

Turns out Cortez rigged Teresa’s cocaine shipment with a bomb. It explodes in Teresa’s warehouse. Teresa orders James and his crew to attack Cortez.

Cortez is furious that Teresa wasn’t killed in the explosion. He says he wants to take over Phoenix and orders his men to kill her immediately. 

Cortez finds the GPS tracker in Camila’s bracelet. With his compound under siege, he sends Camila and Isabela back to Reynaldo because if they are hurt he will lose his supplier, but he promises Camila there will be a reckoning when all of this is over. 

James and his crew capture Cortez and bring him to Teresa. When he refuses to tell her where to find Camila, she turns him over to King George and Boaz Jimenez who kill him with a chainsaw. 

Camila and Reynaldo plan to kill Teresa. Castel wants to make a deal with Teresa to run the drug corridor from Phoenix to Sinaloa. Then she brings Camila to Teresa. Camila expects to be killed and promises to destroy Teresa if she doesn’t do it now. Teresa tells her that Castel has Isabela. If Camila wants to keep her daughter safe she will never come after Teresa again. Then she sends Camila back to Mexico to live in exile. 

James tells Teresa he has chosen to leave and the two say goodbye, but he ends up turning himself over to Devon Finch and the CIA. Turns out Castel is there asset. They killed El Santo because he wouldn’t work with them. As long a Teresa is of use she is safe, but James needs to come with them. He does. 

Castel has Reynaldo killed in his own bed.


Teresa hires Javier Jimenez to replace James. She and her crew get on a luxury private jet. Pote asks where they are headed. She smiles and tells him, he’ll see. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

King George: We’ve both buried family in this war, the ones we chose. It feels harder.
Teresa: It does.

Taza: The shipment looks good. Two hundred kilos as promised.
Teresa: Fifty are yours.
Taza: That’s twice what we talked about.
Teresa: You got into this business to help your tribe survive. If you agree to leave in five years I’ll double your pay until then.
Taza: You have my word.