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Boaz calls Camila. He has Teresa and has turned her over to General Cortez in Mexico. They lock her in a cage and Guero is in the cage next to hers.

Eight months ago Cortez found Guero and beat him but Guero still wouldn’t tell them anything about Teresa’s whereabouts. The doctor who has helped keep Guero alive for eight months so they can continue to torture him secretly gave him a knife. 

James and Pote find out that Pecas turned Teresa over to Boaz and they head to Mexico. 

Teresa tells Camila that her hacker knows about her Cayman islands accounts and will make sure that Sinaloa knows she’s just another dirty politician. Camila starts cutting Guero, saying she’s going to force Teresa to watch him slowly die. 

Teresa flashes back to three years ago when Guero brought her to their big, beautiful home and showed her his new airplane and later, gave her the deed to the house in case anything ever happened to him. 

Isabela hears that Camila has Teresa and wants to see her but Camila won’t allow it. 

Teresa uses the knife to cut Guero’s restraints, then Guero uses it to slit the throat of one of the guards and then shoot the other with the first one’ gun. That’s when Isabela shows up with her own gun. She plans to kill Teresa but can’t pull the trigger. Guero disarms her and leaves her in a cage as he and Teresa flee.

Camila and Cortez arrive and find Isabela in the cage. Camila is furious that Isabela disobeyed her. She tells Isabela she’s forbidden to see Kique again and the wedding is off. Isabela accuses her mother of wanting to keep her alone and miserable like her. 

Teresa and Guero make it to the clinic where Cortez’s doctor works and lives. He begins treating Guero and he and his wife hide them when Cortez shows up. A drop of Guero’s blood falls through the cracks in the attic floor and hits Cortez. 

James and Pote arrive in the nick of time and help them escape, but on the way back to Pheonix, Guero dies lying in Teresa’s arms.  James and Pote bury him. Teresa is heartbroken.

Cortez goes back to Camila and has to tell her that Teresa got away. She says she knows how loyal he is to her. She makes him dinner and says that she’s still in mourning and has to take things slow, but perhaps they could be more than what they are. Cortez readily agrees. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Camila: I picked you up when this rat left you for dead. I housed you. I protected you.
Teresa: No. You sent James to kill me.
Camila: I hear he works for you now. He followed his dick right back to you and now you share a house and a bed but he couldn't protect you from me so here we are. You see eventually we all have to pay for our sins.

[to Epifanio] You can be as generous as you want with your dick, just not with my money.