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Teresa goes on a road trip with Eddie to meet his old bandmates.  On the trip, Eddie shares that five years ago, he fell asleep behind the wheel, hit a tree, and one of his best friends, Andre, who was a passenger in the car ended up dead. 

The sicario that went after Tony, whom Pote was unable to track down, follows Teresa on her trip with Eddie. The sicario attacks Teresa while Eddie is on stage. She runs, then during an intense struggle manages to slit his throat with some broken glass. Teresa asks why he didn’t just shoot her and who sent him? He says his boss wanted it to be slow but dies before he can say more.

Later, Teresa breaks up with Eddie to keep him safe. 

Realizing that Rene Bardot is Judge LaFayette’s nephew, Javier goes and retrieves the car with his body in the trunk. Just as he’s about to get away, the owner of the tow yard sees a report on TV looking for the car in connection to Rene’s disappearance. Javier kills the man, but Emelia sees him do it and is horrified. 

Javier takes the car and asks Emelia to follow him, but she backs up and hits a dumpster, leaving pieces of the rear taillight behind at the tow yard. As they head down the road, a police officer recognizes the car and pulls Javier over. Javier shoots and kills the officer while Emelia watches, again, horrified.

Javier ditches Rene’s car with the body in the trunk and sets the whole thing on fire while Emelia looks on. Emelia doesn’t realize that she’s lost an earring, which the police find at the scene the next day when they discover the burnt car and body in the trunk. 

Pote takes Tony hunting. Tony kills a deer but throws up with it comes time to butcher it. Later, at home, as Pote sleeps on the sofa, Tony takes his gun and aims it at him but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger. Turns out, Pote was actually awake but never moved to stop Tony. 

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Teresa: Maybe you can get Tony to go outside.
Pote: I don’t do outside.

Tony: These people aren’t my family, you are. You say we’ve only got each other and then you’re always dumping me somewhere.
Teresa: I’m not dumping you. I trust Pote with my life.
Tony: If you say so.