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As Teresa spends the morning with Eddie, Javier and Boaz take the bodies of Rene Bardot and his friend to the swamp, while Marcel Dumas puts a hit out on Teresa’s supply, having his men shoot up most of her liquid cocaine. 

Judge LaFayette is looking to open his own private prison in New Orleans and in the end, he hopes to put Teresa, Dumas and everyone else he considers “riff raff” in it. LaFayette notices that Teresa has someone following him and plans to teach her to be more polite. 

A bird watcher spies Boaz and Javier dumping the first body and they take off after him. They kill the bird watcher but by the time they get back to the car, they find it’s been towed with Rene’s body still in the trunk. 

When no one knows where Boaz and Javier are, Teresa worries. They realize that the restroom has been cleaned with a lot of bleach and there’s a bag of blood covered towel in the dumpster, and the surveillance footage has been wiped. They think that Marcel has kidnapped or killed them. 

George and Pote grab Marcel’s second in command, Bobby La Roux. They beat him, trying to get him to tell them where Javier and Boaz are but he doesn’t know. As Teresa considers what to do, Bobby grabs George’s gun, the two struggle, and Bobby is killed. Just then, Javier and Boaz walk in, surprising everyone. 

Judge LaFayette pays a visit to Pote’s home where he finds Kelly Anne and Tony. He leaves, but realizes this could be a vulnerability he can use against Teresa. 


Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Once this prison’s complete we’ll do a clean sweep of the city. Ms. Mendoza, Dumas, and all the rest of the riff-raff in our city will forever after call this home.

Judge LaFayette

Pote: It’s a la maldición. A curse.
Teresa: It’s a declaration of war.