Tensions Run High - Queen of the South
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Theresa needs $100 million in one day to secure the waterfront property. Teresa decides to take the drugs she was going to sell to Kostya and sell them to the Dominicans, Kostya’s competition

. Oksana comes to New Orleans to see Teresa. She’s killed the hit team who went after Teresa. She says they were traitors to Kostya.

Teresa offers Kostya and Polanca a deal, although Oksana shows up with Kostya on the phone, even though he doesn’t utter a word. Teresa splits New York City, giving half the territory to Kostya and the other to Polanca. They both sell at the same price. If either changes the terms, they all go to war. Both parties agree, but it’s clear that Oksana isn’t happy.

Teresa tells James he should leave and take care of himself, but it’s clear she still has feelings for him. James asks why she’s so determined to buy the waterfront property. She explains how she wants to go legit. James agrees it’s the only way she’ll become too powerful to touch.

Later, Teresa admits she wants James to stay, but they cannot continue their personal relationship.

Judge Lafayette wants Teresa to find Marcel Dumas and turn him over to Lafayette, or she’ll be the next Mexican he burns alive.

When Teresa paid Lafayette $30 million, Kelly Anne made sure the money could be tracked. Kelly Anne is able to uncover Lafayette’s private prison scheme.

Gordon Wheeler and Lafayette have been sending poor boys of color to a private juvenile detention facility for years and get kickbacks from the state. Now they’re expanding the scheme to a new private prison.

Pote ends up killing Wheeler and his hired henchman in front of Kelly Anne, who vomits after watching the one man’s head explode.

Later, Pote apologizes, asking if she’s okay. She says she wasn’t upset about him killing those men. She’s pregnant.

Teresa tells Lafayette she knows about his prison scheme and has the proof to out him. She says he works for her now and tells him to hold a press conference to clear Marcel’s name. Lafayette plans to do just that until Boaz abducts him.

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

You bring me Dumas, or you’ll be the next Mexican I set on fire.

Lafayette [to Teresa]

Teresa: We can’t lose the waterfront. Kostya had his chance. I’m done playing games.
Pote: We’re going to need more Mossad.