Dealing With Betrayal - Queen of the South
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When Judge Lafayette doesn’t show up for his press conference, and a $2 million bounty is placed on Marcel Dumas, Teresa sends James to get Dumas out of the state.

James picks up Marcel, who insists on meeting with Lucian before he goes. Lucian gives him a bag of money, but soon after, they are chased by the police. James manages to lose them, but he knows they need to ditch the car. He brings Marcel to a safe house and calls Teresa, who tells him she’ll send another car.

Boaz shows up at Teresa’s with Judge Cecil Lafayette’s head in a box. On his heels are the police and Capt. Gamble who says they know Lafayette is dead because his car looks like a slaughterhouse. He says he won’t allow anyone to get away with murdering one of his own, not even a Mexican cartel. He has no idea that Lafayette’s head is in a box sitting in front of him.

Suddenly, Teresa is having problems getting her shipments out of Mexico. They need Boaz to help, and he agrees, even though he expects to be killed at any time.

Teresa looks for someone to take the fall for Lafayette’s murder, but no one will for any amount of money because they know they’ll likely be killed before they ever make it to trial.

Teresa wants to make Lafayette’s corruption public, but the evidence they have is circumstantial. Kelly Anne thinks he probably kept a separate set of books, a ledger, that holds the information they need.

Teresa decided that Boaz is too valuable an asset and is about to send him back to Miami when Capt. Gamble shows up to arrest him. There’s video footage of Boaz dragging what’s left of Lafayette’s body.

Teresa agrees to pay Gamble the $3 million a month she was paying Lafayette, but Gamble needs someone to take the fall for the judge’s murder. With no other options, Teresa hands over Marcel Dumas.

Pote worries when he thinks Kelly Anne is lying to him and sneaks off on her own. He’s surprised to find her at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. He thought she was having second thoughts about the baby. She says she is because she thinks she’ll make a terrible mother. She’s an addict, she’s been a liar and a rat, and she killed her husband.

Pote points out that Kelly Anne risked her own life to save Tony, and that’s what a mother does. He tells Kelly Anne that she is the kindest, most generous woman he has ever known, and their baby will love her as much as he does. Then he accompanies her back inside to the meeting.

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Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

I don't like keeping secrets in our family, and neither does Teresa.


Pote: After what happened to Tony, I swore that no child would ever be close to our business, but that was before. Hey, look at me. I swear, I will never let anything bad happen to our baby. He's going to have everything I didn't have as a child: safety and money.
Kelly Anne: And love.