Boaz Holds His Ground - Queen of the South
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Boaz has abducted Kelly Anne. He claims he doesn’t want to hurt her or the baby but Angel says they have big plans for her.

Teresa offers Boaz to hand over her business for Kelly Anne. He says she can’t give him something that’s already his.

Teresa tries to contact Castel to cut off Boaz’s cocaine shipment so they can bargain for Kelly Anne. But Teresa can’t get in touch with Castel directly. Her right-hand man tells Teresa that they’re shipping the cocaine directly to Miami, to Boaz.

James tells Teresa that Castel is a CIA asset. As long as Teresa had plans to go legit and she was inside their circle, she was fine. He was protecting her. Teresa tells James to contact Devon Finch and see if he can fix this.

Pote tortures and kills Boaz’s associate to try and find Kelly Anne. Boaz calls Pote and says he wants him to turn over Teresa for Kelly Anne and his baby.

Despite Pote’s reservations, Teresa has him turn her over to Boaz. She has her team in place, but it goes wrong and a firefight breaks out. Boaz gets away with Kelly Anne. He calls Pote and says he’s going to sell Kelly Anne on the black market.

Devon Finch wants Teresa to kill Kostya. The CIA can’t find him but they believe Teresa can. They cut off Teresa’s supply and set this up so that she’d have no choice but to find Kostya and kill him for them.

Teresa calls Oksana and says Boaz has managed to cut off her cocaine. Teresa says she wants to get out of the business and Oksana can take over. Oksana points out that there is no business with the cocaine. Teresa can get it rerouted to Oksana, but they have to kill Kostya.

Angel delivers Kelly Anne to three very scary looking men who are eager to have her. Pote tracks down the motel where Kelly Anne was delivered. He kills Angel and three other men, releases two other women who are being held, but Kelly Anne isn’t there.

Kelly Anne is tied up in the back of a car. She fights and causes the driver to crash. He’s dead, and Kelly Anne gets his phone and calls Pote who comes and gets her.

Back at Teresa’s compound, Kelly Anne has some minor injuries and is shaken up, but she and the baby are okay.

Oksana comes to see Teresa to discuss killing Kostya, but Oksana has been poisoned and she dies in Teresa’s foyer. Kostya must have found out about their plan. Now they need to kill Kostya before he kills them.

Despite Pote and Kelly Anne’s protests, Teresa sends them away. She sets them up with passports and bank accounts. She won’t take no for an answer. James tells her it was the right thing to do.

Kostya calls Teresa and says he knows that she pitted Oksana against him. He’s coming for Teresa and everyone she loves.

Queen of the South
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Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

You know people equate crazy with stupid and I’m neither. Everyone’s going to find out soon enough.


Boaz: This Isn’t personal. I’ve always liked you. I don’t want to hurt you or your baby. When this is all over, I promise you’re going to walk away.
Kelly Anne: Pote’s going to kill you for this.
Boaz: If Pote were half the man you say he is, you wouldn’t be here now.