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Too Sweet turns up on Nova’s door step. He feels hopeless but Nova does her best to make him see that there is hope for his future. 

Blue tells Darla and Ralph Angel that Jamal, a boy at school is bullying him. Later, they get called in to school when Blue hits Jamal when he picks on him again. Both sets of parents are told that if there is another incident, both boys will face suspension. Blue’s teacher realizes that Ralph Angel and Darla may be back together. 

Davis West chooses to leave The Gladiators and will be a free agent. Micah gets into Gardenia Prep because Davis makes a large donation.

Charley doesn’t want to use the Landry’s mills since they know the family once owned the Bordelons. She wants to truck their cane to a mill in St. James, 16 hours away but Ralph Angel is afraid the can will crystalize in that time and they’ll lose the crop. 

Transporting the cane will be expensive and since Charley has officially filed for divorce, she’s been advised not to access her joint accounts with Davis. They need to take out a farm loan. They get an assessment on their crop which says they should make $1.5 million on their 300 acres. 

Jacob Boudreauxs shows up at the farm wanting to know if they’ll sell. When they say no, he says that if they don’t cooperate, things could get difficult. They made sure the bank loan was denied. The siblings are determined to find a way to fight back.  

Micah runs into Remy and Charley kissing. He’s very upset until Nova talks to him about all his mother has been through and how she’s done her best to protect him. 

Violet decides to serve alcohol at the High Yellow on Friday and Saturday nights in order to turn a profit.


At the reopening of the High Yellow, Violet starts to soften towards Darla, Remy asks Charley to dance and Micah nods his blessing. Ralph Angel asks Darla to slow dance.  

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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

At least the mill in St. James isn't owned by a family that owned our family.


Clive: Is that hard liquor?
Violet: It ain't soft.