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Nova is interviewed on the radio about her investigative article calling out corruption in the Louisiana justice system but all the callers want to talk about is the Davis West scandal. When they begin to say woman asked for it when she went up to the hotel room, Nova asks why women who report rape are always to blame? Charley is angry that Nova’s comments make Melina sound like a victim when she’s about to pay her $3 million to make these charges go away. 

Chantal, an activist who was interviewed with Nova, later gives Nova her number and makes it clear she’d like to see more of her. 

Too Sweet calls Nova from prison. He says the guards watched when he was attacked. Despite his recent surgery, they’re putting him back into his cell. Since he doesn’t have an attorney or public defender, he has no hope of getting out any time soon and he’s losing hope that he’ll survive. Nova transfers $10,000 in funds from the farm account to pay Too Sweet’s bail. 

Remy convinces Prosper to come to Aunt Vi’s to dinner with Charley, Nova, and Ralph Angel as they try to convince him to stay on as the farm manager. He agrees to do it if the family agrees to work together. They do. When they can’t get any local sugar cane, Remy offers a cane variety that he’s designed. He’ll give it to the Bordelon’s for free if they’ll take a chance on him. Charley takes the deal.  

Since Ralph Angel took the stolen phones that were left in his locker, Melvin expects him to store stolen merchandise for him on the farm and he won’t take no for an answer. Aunt Vi gets suspicious when Ralph Angel begins locking the shed at the farm. 

When Ralph Angel tries to back out, Melvin and his boys beat him up. When the boss comes upon the fight, he says he’s going to tell Ralph Angel’s parole officer he’s fired. Ralph Angel tells the man to lay him off instead or his parole officer will find out how much the boss is shorting parolee’s paychecks. 

The boss agrees to lay him off but later that night the police show up with a warrant to search Ralph Angel’s residence. They search the shed but find nothing. Turns out Vi took the stolen merchandise and dumped it in the bayou. 

Charley assures Davis that she doesn’t believe he raped Melina and they enter the attorney’s office holding hands. They hand over a $3 million check and sign a nondisclosure agreement that says they will not discuss what happened the night Davis was accused of rape, or what is discussed at this meeting, or the dollar amount exchanged. 

Before Melina agrees to sign, she pays a recording for Davis and Charley. Turns out Davis has been seeing Melina on the road for years. Melina thought they had a relationship, but when he had to leave early that night, he left extra money and told the other teammates they could have Melina. When she got out of the shower and found them in her room, she told them no and they raped her. On the recording, Davis says, “I can bang any bitch on the road, any bitch. I pay you to keep your mouth shut.” 

Charley apologizes to Melina and leaves. When Davis tries to follow her, she tell him they are done. 


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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

She should keep her bleeding heart politics to herself.


I think we need to ask ourselves why women who come forward to report rape are always to blame? Why do you we portray the victim as having asked for it?