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Calvin is upset about Nova’s article. He feels used. Nova realizes that one of the dealers she supplies to sold weed to Too Sweet. Calvin calls her a hypocrite for selling drugs to the same people she wants to save. The two break up. 

Micah is interviewing for another private school. Charley sends Micah to see a counselor to talk about all he’s been through. Micah’s angry because the only thing the new school wants to talk about is what position he wants to play on the basketball team. Micah doesn’t want to play anymore. Micah agrees to move to St. Josephine for the rest of the school year.

Charley goes to Houston to confront the woman accusing Davis of rape. Malina refuses to take the payoff. She asks Charley how she can be “un-raped”? Their attorney tells Charley that there is a rape kit. She can hopefully keep Davis out of prison but the civil suit will most likely be costly.  Later, Malina calls Charley and says she wants $3 million and a sit down with Davis. 

Charley is upset with Ralph Angel and tells him she should take over when she gets to St. Josephine. Ralph Angel’s new job stiffs him for 8 hours pay. A guy at work encourages Ralph Angel to steal it back in product. Ralph Angel turns him down but later finds items left in his backpack and takes them. 

There’s county wide auction in St. Josephine of repossessed farm equipment. Remy convinces Charley to hire Prospect Denton to be their farm manager. Charley doesn’t take Prospect and Remy’s advice during the auction and ends up paying much more than she should. Upset, Prospect quits. 

Charley lost her father’s tractor, but Remy had one of his buddies buy it for her and since Landry didn’t drive up the price, he got it for a good price. The two decide to move forward. 

Vance, the manager at the diner gives Violet a hard time and embarrasses her in front of old friends even after her shift is over. She comes home dejected and ends up accepting a joint from Nova. Violet, Nova, and Charley joke around about love and how good Hollywood is in bed. It also comes out that Nova had an affair with a woman in college. 

When her manager accuses her of stealing, Violet quits her job. 

Hollywood lies to Violet. He isn’t at work. He’s at a psychiatric facility checking on LeeAnn, his bipolar wife from whom he’s separated. She’s under his insurance and on suicide watch. They release her into his care but he tells her they’re no longer a couple. LeeAnn smashes his phone when she sees Violet calling. Hollywood calls LeeAnn’s cousin, Cora to check on her so he can go home to Violet. 


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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I wish every cop was strong enough to be as good a man as you.


Calvin: He broke the law.
Nova: Says a department that relies on trumped up charges to keep the lights on.