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Charley is devastated after finding out the truth about Davis and Goldie. She has to tell Micah that his father has been paying for prostitutes on the road for years. Micah is angry with his father but also unhappy that he’s stuck in Louisiana for at least the next six months until the fall harvest. . 

Blue asks Ralph Angel when he’ll get to see Mommy again as he continues to draw pictures of her. 

Ralph Angel’s parole officer makes a surprise home visit. He reminds Ralph Angel that Vi still has legal custody of Blue but Vi can sign it back over to him, but she refuses. Vi reminds him that if she hadn’t stepped in with the stolen goods, he’d be back in prison and if she weren’t Blue’s legal guardian, he’d be sent to live with Darla. The courts don’t know that Hollywood had found Blue as a baby, dirty and dehydrated, lying next to Darla while she turned tricks in a shed. Vi won’t risk Blue going to her just to appease Ralph Angel. 

When Charley tries to pay for a shipment at the farm, her card is declined and she finds out that Nova paid $10,000 to a bail bondsman. The two argue. Later, Ralph Angel asks Charley to pay him to work on the farm so that he doesn’t have to find another job for his parole requirements. Charley blows up at him, feeling like her family only wants her money. 

Nova and Chantal hook up. Later Nova takes Chantal and Micah along for a black lives matter themed art exhibit in New Orleans. Charley is furious that no one contacted her before taking Micah. 

Roberta hits on Ralph Angel at the diner and later shows up at him home to hook up while Blue is with Vi. 

Hollywood comes home to Vi but LeeAnne keeps calling him and Micah overhears one of the calls. Micah calls him out on it, saying that Hollywood suddenly reminds him of his father. Charley overhears Nova telling Calvin not to leave his wife for her, and she’s appalled that her sister was sleeping with a married man. 

Later, Hollywood throws a party and LeeAnne shows up, upset and off her meds. She keeps saying she can’t find their baby then she slaps Hollywood. Nova holds her back as she breaks down. Hollywood tells Vi the truth, that he stayed married to LeeAnne because she needed the insurance. Vi realizes how much he’s lied to her and tells him not to leave and not come back. 

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

After all the shit you gave me whenever I offered to pay for anything at Daddy's funeral, but when it serves your interests you have no problem stealing money from me.


Nova: I'm feeling something I haven't felt in a very long time.
Chantal: What's that?
Nova: Free.