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It’s the day after the hurricane and the farm got 17 inches of rain in 24 hours. Remy says he engineered his cane seed to sustain the flooding, but Ralph Angel wants to pump the water off, just to be safe.

While walking the fields, Charley, Remy, and Ralph Angel find two dead bodies. Both of the dead men worked on the farm but no one knows their names. 

Boogie and his daughter Kiki come check on Violet. Micah is immediately attracted to Kiki. 

Vi is upset that Darla is still there with Blue but Ralph Angel says the road is still blocked and there’s no way for her to leave. Vi is also ashamed that no one knows the migrant workers’ names. 

Vi refuses to sign custody of Blue back to Ralph Angel, but Hollywood tells her she’s wrong and that she has to let go and let Ralph Angel live his life. Nova encourages Vi to find her purpose as her life is more than Hollywood, Ralph Angel, or Blue. 

Charley is upset that she knew none of the migrant workers’ names despite seeing them every day. She shares with Nova that Ernest tried to get her to come back and help with the farm but she never had the time. Then Charley admits to leaking Goldie’s real name to the press, and how much she regrets that, especially since the other team members did rape her. 

They need to tell the other workers about the two men who died, but they need someone who speaks Spanish so Ralph Angel asks Blue’s teacher to come over to translate. Their names were Miguel and Alejandro. Miguel was married and a father of three. Alejandro just got married and was expecting a little boy.  

The Sheriff arrested a meth addict who had a gun and Alejandro’s worker’s card on him. Charley wants to make sure that the men’s bodies are returned to their families no matter what the cost. 

Darla asks to spend more time with Blue. Ralph Angel agrees.


Before he heads back to his own place, Remy tells Charley that he wants to be more than her friend and he’ll be waiting when and if she’s ready to take their relationship further. 

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Hollywood: You ever shot a gun before?
Micah: Of course I have.
Kiki: Paintballs don't count.

We're just trying to do our jobs. If they don't trust us, it's on them.