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Charley deposits $100,000 in a business account to be used for running the farm. Remy reminds Ralph Angel that the farm needs to be registered with the state before he can buy the seed cane. He had to order it earlier and now the cane for the parish is sold out. Ralph Angel makes a deal through someone at work who’s cousin is selling off his farm. He buys the seed cane for $15,000 but Remy later finds out that the cane he bought is infected with fungus and worthless.

Back in L.A, Charley goes to the doctor to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. 

Despite Charley’s best efforts, Davis’ endorsement contracts are disappearing. The other players wives have joined forces to fight the suspension, but they aren’t returning Charley’s calls. Charley hires the best attorney for Davis, Estelle Peterson, who works through back channels to try and pay off the hooker to make this go away but the woman turns down the $500,000 payday.  

Micah is expelled from school when his girlfriend Stella’s mother finds that someone sent her daughter pictures of their penis. Little does she realize that it wasn’t Micah. Micah is devastated when he thinks that Stella is cheating on him. 

Too Sweet ends up in County Medical after getting injured in prison. He says he fell but he was obviously beaten, badly. Nova uncovers the real story for so many arrests of minors is that law enforcement is being funded by the for-profit prison system. The more people incarcerated, the more money that is skimmed off the top. The paper publishes her story. 

When Ralph Angel calls Nova for help, she says she’s busy on the story. He’s angry with her for never having time for him. She only visited him in prison twice. He asks how many time she’s visited Too Sweet. Later the two reconcile and Nova promises to help out more.

Violet is having trouble coping since her brother’s death. She tries to get Hollywood to stay home and not go back to work on the rig but in the end she lets him go. 

Hearing about Ralph Angel’s problems with the farm through Remy, Charley tries to convince him to work as their farm manager. Remy says he has a job as a water irrigation specialist but tells Charley she needs to come back to Louisiana because if the farm is going to be a success, she needs to be all in. 

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I'll do my job as your manager, but don't expect me to play the dutiful wife holding your hand.


There's always some kid, some story, some hood crisis. You know what's messed up? You care more about those brothers locked up than your own brother. You came to visit me, what, twice while I was inside? How many times you seen this kid?

Ralph Angel