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A hurricane is headed towards Louisiana and everyone is getting ready for the storm. Charley wants the farm workers to continue planting the seed, even though most of them live over an hour away. Ralph Angel and Remy are upset with her decision. 

Darla comes to bring Blue his birthday gift, weeks late, but she says she didn’t have the money last month. Ralph Angel tells her she can’t drop in whenever she wants, but then Blue sees her and is thrilled. With the hurricane coming, the road out becomes closed, there’s no choice but for everyone to head to Vi’s as a safe house, including Darla and Hollywood.

Vi is worried about Nova, who won’t answer her calls as she’s helping people evacuate from the lower ninth before the storm.  Everyone plays cards and remembers good times with Ernest. Nova wants Micah to come stay with her during the week if he gets in to the private school that’s farther away, but Charley isn’t happy about it. She doesn’t want Micah around Nova’s lifestyle. Nova takes offense and pushes. Charley tells her she doesn’t want Micah in the lower ninth where he could be killed, shot, or arrested. Nova belittles Charley’s life, and Charley shoots back that she won’t have her son living with someone who is sleeping with a married man. 

Aunt Vi asks Nova if it’s true. She admits that they broke up and tries to make excuses. Vi asks if she remember the drama surrounding her mother, Ernest, and Charley’s mother, and asks her if this is really so different. 

Hollywood tries to explain what happened with LeighAnne to Vi. He says he only married LeighAnne because she was pregnant and hen her bipolar disorder got worse and he’s all she has. He didn’t want to risk losing Vi by telling her. Vi says he hurt her just as much as if he’d knocked the hell out of her. 

Ralph Angel overhears Darla with Blue and he’s moved by her love for her son but Vi is adamant that he needs to keep Darla away. When Darla overhears, she  tells Vi and Hollywood thank you for all they’ve done for Blue. She says she’s been clean for 18 months and that she wants to heal and bring goodness into their lives if they’ll let her. 


Charley takes off her wedding ring and puts it away. She goes to Remy and kisses him. 

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm just not a two dates and a U-haul kind of girl.


Nova: The ninth is not ready for another hurricane.
Chantal: It's barely ready for a sunny day.