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Micah blows off his session with a therapist to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity with Nova. Dr. Robert Dubios shows up to help after seeing her request for volunteers online. He tells Nova how much he likes her but she panics and bolts. After talking to Charley about having a blank slate to make their lives what they want them to be, she invites Robert to coffee and tells him she likes him too. 

Violet tells Hollywood about Ernest letter that leaves the farm to only Ralph Angel. He agrees that keeping it quiet is the best plan for now. Hollywood encourages Vi to start her own pie business. She becomes depressed when no one will buy them on their first day of sales, but Hollywood encourages her to keep trying and eventually, she finds some success. 

Darla asks Charley for advice for finding a job but feels Charley is dismissing her. Later, Darla feels jealous over Blue’s devotion to Kenya and throws the doll away. Ralph Angel is almost arrested when the police find him in a dumpster searching for the doll. One of the police officers is an old friend of Ralph Angel’s from high school. Antoine, used to be Antoinette, and he thanks Ralph Angel for always having his back. Ralph Angel says he doesn’t know exactly what Blue’s connection to Kenya means, but he knows he will always support his son to be exactly who he is. 

Charley ends up talking to Micah’s therapist about her own mother’s need for perfectionism and their problems communicating. Davis and Micah play a game where each has to answer a question honestly for every basket the make. Micah says the police didn’t touch him physically but being arrested and at someone else’s mercy scared him the way nothing ever has before. 

Micah asks Davis if he’s a sex addict. Davis says he’s not, but that for years he was given everything he wanted when he wanted it because he was a star. He’s trying to be a better person now, but it’s difficult. 

Charley decides to off Darla a job as her assistant at the sugar mill. Darla is thrilled with the opportunity but Ralph Angel doesn’t look happy. 



Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Charley: I'm not raising Micah the way I was raised.
Therapist: Is there a reason for that?
Charley: It's not that I don't appreciate my parents, I just want Micah to know that he can come to me.
Therapist: Can I ask, did you feel you couldn't talk to your parents when you were growing up?
Charley: Well, my mother brought me up mostly, and I love her, don't get me wrong, but she wanted me to be perfect and we didn't talk about things that fell outside of those lines. But believe me, I know the line between excellence and perfectionism. I'm not forcing that on Micah.
Therapist: And he knows that?

God did not mold you to be no peace keeper. They grown, you grown, and you deserve to live the life you want to live, so we're going to make that happen.