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Ralph Angel calls the family together to tell them that Darla says Blue isn’t his. They are shocked and devastated. Later, Darla tells Hollywood that nothing has to change even as she moves in with her sponsor, but knows she’s smarter than that. When Darla shows up for work, Charley fires her, saying she can no longer trust her. 

Jacob Boudreaux unexpectedly shows up at the Queen Sugar mill asking Charley to partner with him, but she turns him down. Then an anonymous e-mail turns up at the newspaper saying that there are internal issues at the Queen Sugar mill and farmers are risking their crops  by milling there. 

Farmers hear the rumors and begin to back out of Queen Sugar. Ralph Angel and Charley try to convince them that it’s just the Landrys trying to destroy Queen Sugar. When Ralph Angel can’t get Charley or Remy to pick up their phones, even Ralph Angel and Prosper worry. Nova sets up an interview for Charley with the reporter covering the story. Charley heads to the Landrys to confront them.

Micah posts an open letter to the administration at Gardinia Prep on every locker in the school. The school agrees to remove the Confederate display, but Micah is suspended for 30 days because they consider the letters vandalism.  

Nova figures out that Aunt Vi has Lupus and offers her support. Aunt Vi makes Blue a special meal as he’s staying with her during harvest. 



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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Today marks the first harvest on Bordelon land in, I don't know, three years. There's been more than a few times since we planted that I didn't think we'd get here. We came through storms, white fly, anything man and God could put in front of us, and still he leads us through. I know my mom would be proud, and my pop, Ernest Bordelon. I was trying to live out the vision he saw for me and…

Ralph Angel

We just got to keep our heads, get through this harvest and figure out what's next. Tell you what though, that baby, he's our child. He's our child, period.