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Darla tries to go back to the house to get her cell phone while Ralph Angel’s gone but Nova won’t let her in. She says she doesn’t trust her and she needs to come back a face Ralph Angel. Ralph Angel goes looking for Darla, afraid she’s using again, but he finds her swimming laps at the pool. He wants to know why she lied to him for seven years. She says she was scared. He says he can’t trust her and they break up. She decides to go home to her parents for a while. Blue will stay with Ralph Angel, who says the boy is the blood in his veins, even if his doesn’t run through Blue’s. 

Ralph Angel tells Blue how he got his name. He wanted something unique and Aunt Violet loved that she was named after such a pretty color. Blue also rhymed with his mother’s name, True. Blue is the sky and the ocean and everything good. Ralph Angel tells Blue that he is everything good too. 

Nova rights an op-ed piece for the paper and racism in the Trump era. Her editor loves it and plans to run it in Sunday’s paper, above the fold. 

Hollywood gets a settlement from the oil rig that’s triple what he thought it would be. He asks Violet to marry him and she says yes. Nova throws a small engagement party to celebrate. Charley and Ralph Angel can’t make it but Remy comes and shares a quiet moment with Nova where they realize they both fight for their communities.

Charley faces off with Jacob. He says Charley intoxicates him and he wants to work with her to make both their businesses more money. Charley tells him his way of business is coming to an end. 

Farmers continue to hear the rumors and back out of their contracts with Queen Sugar. Charley realizes that the mill won’t survive and comes up with a plan to take down the Boudreauxs and the Landrys from the inside. She tells Ralph Angel to mill his cane with them, then she goes to Jacob, to work out a deal for them to buy her out. Remy tells Charley she’s playing with the devil and he can’t do it with her. He fears he’s never really known her and Charley says she’s tired of always having to prove herself to him. The two break up.  

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Hollywood: There's so many people out here alone, wishing they had half of what we got. Woman, I ain't never had nothing like you in my life.
Violet: I feel the same.
Hollywood: Then let's lock this down. Violet, would you consider marrying me?
Violet: Yes, baby. Yes, yes, yes. Oh, a hundred times, yes.

The audacity of privilege. Jacob, you're desperate. You can fuss and fight and lie and cheat, and you flirt all you want. In the end, I’ll still win. This is the beginning of the end for your way of doing business. Maybe not next month or next year, but the end is coming, and that ain't blowing smoke.