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Nova heads to Atlanta to spend time with Robert but things take a turn when she’s confronted by some of his elite, racist colleagues who believe in everything Nova opposes. Nova leaves for home, where Aunt Vi tells her to stop running from her problems. Robert shows up at her door and explains that having worked with men like that gives him perspective to fight for his own cause in a new way and that he and Nova should work on it together. 

The farmers aren’t happy when they read the interview that Charley is still trying to find herself when it comes to the mill. She brings them together for a pot luck dinner and explains that for a long time, St. Josephine didn’t feel like home to her but now it does, and she has no plans to leave. 

Remy is upset that there’s no mention of Charley’s divorce in the magazine article. Charley explains that she’s controlling her own story, but she apologizes for making Remy feel as though she was taking their relationship for granted. She says she only wants him and the two kiss.

Violet collapses, but won’t go see a doctor. She says she’s just stressed because of the family issues and hasn’t eaten enough. 

Charley tells Darla she felt betrayed and blindsided when she found out Darla knew about the will and didn’t tell her. Darla says that it wasn’t her truth to tell and hopes that it won’t affect her job or her relationship with Charley. Later, Charley shows up at Darla’s two year sober anniversary celebration with flowers. 

Ralph Angel finds he has bills to pay, and he still needs a payroll check from the farm, but Charley isn’t returning his phone calls. They meet at Darla’s ceremony, and Charley says that she doesn’t know what’s going to happen with the farm, but she won’t lose her baby brother over it. 

Back home, Ralph Angel proposes to Darla, and she says yes.

Micah sees his father having dinner with another woman and makes a scene. Later, Davis confronts Micah about his behavior and the changes since he was arrested. Micah finally admits that the police officer took him for a ride because he sounded like an “uppity nigger” and put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.  

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Hollywood: How the hell are they going to learn if you keep trying to fix things for them? I don't want you getting worn out.
Violet: I'm all they got left.

Ralph Angel: I got bills to take care of around the farm. I need to have a conversation with Charley about what's next.
Violet: What's next? You told her that you would do whatever you needed to do to make it happen. You told her to trust you. I think that conversation's been had.
Ralph Angel: It ain't. It ain't been had. Look, telling them the truth didn't mean they could just drop the farm like that. Plus I still need a payroll check to stay working full time on the farm. I didn't mean everything to…
Violet: You didn't mean. Well, baby, you here now, so what you meant don't matter.