A Devestating Secret - Queen Sugar
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Nova runs into Calvin and there is still a strong pull between them. Calvin wants to get back together, explaining how he feels more free and himselff with Nova than he ever has in his life. Although Nova says she loves him, she says she can never be fully herself with Calvin; that she can’t fight and cry over young men being killed by cops and nothing ever being done about it and then come home to a cop. The two part ways. 

Charley and Remy almost make love, but when Remy says he wants to be with her forever, Charley freezes. Remy sees marriage and children in their future, but Charley just ended her marriage and isn’t looking that far ahead. The two decide to take things more slowly. 

Aunt Vi is diagnosed with Lupus and backs out of hosting the dinner for Darla’s parents. 

Ralph Angel picks up a second job, but is thrilled when his soy bean crop brings in 20% more than expected. He plans to use it to pay for the wedding. 

Darlene and Quincy, Darla’s parents, visit for dinner and meet Ralph Angel and Blue for the first time. When Darla says she was hurt that her parents haven’t responded to any of her calls or letters, her mother reminds her of all the times they did respond, only to find out that Darla was till using. 

Darlene and Darla reconcile, as do Darla and Quincy, but Quincy presses Darla not to start her marriage with any secrets. Later, Darla goes to Ralph Angel and tells him that there is the possibility that he is not Blue’s biological father. 



Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Quincy: I'm sure that Darla could learn a lot from both of you.
Ralph Angel: Darla can teach a lot too. She damn near rebuilt her life from the ground up.

Nova: I was the one that wasn't clear. I started losing myself, doing things, saying things, wearing things that weren't me. It was the me he wanted me to be.
Sierra: You woke up before most people do, before you were consumed, and for that, give yourself some credit. Okay?