Haunted By His Past - Queen Sugar
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It’s the opening day of the Queen Sugar Mill. Ben Harrison from Esquire magazine comes to do a piece on Charley and the mill, but he asks a lot of questions about her and Davis. 

Sam Landry sends Charley flowers with a note that says, “Welcome to the club.”

When the mill experiences a minor choke in the system, Charley has a meltdown. She tells Nova she feels guilty over not coming when Daddy asked for help. Later, Ben Harrison calls her out on the meltdown. She says that if he keeps the focus of this article on the mill and her Daddy’s legacy, that she’ll give him an exclusive in two months about her and Davis’ divorce. 

Darla thinks Charley for the job and invites her to the ceremony to mark her two years of sobriety. Charley says she’s happy to come and that Darla working at the mill has been a win for both of them. 

Nova learns that Ernest had a job as a janitor before he died. 

Ralph Angel is with Blue when he runs into the cashier he robbed a year earlier. Later, Blue asks why she called him a liar. Ralph Angel says he isn’t lying anymore. When Blue realizes that Kenya isn’t the real Kenya, Ralph Angel admits that the original doll got thrown away by mistake. 

The family comes together to honor Ernest when his tombstone is put on his grave. Later at dinner, Ralph Angel tells everyone about Ernest leaving him the farm. Charley and Nova are furious. Charley accuses Ralph Angel of using her for her money. Ralph Angel shoots back that she and Nova were never around. Nova says that neither was her, and that their daddy gave up farming and cleaned up after strangers to feed and clothe Ralph Angel’s son. 


When Nova tries to leave, Violet stops her and says that no one leaves until they all work this out. 

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

We buried him once, I don't see no need in doing it again.


Ralph Angel: If she wanted to come she would have made time.
Nova: My sister's making history today.