Finding a Home - Queen Sugar
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Charley tells Micah she put a deposit down a rental so they will have a home of their own. Micah snaps at Blue. Ralph Angel receives his first loan check. Home from the rig, Hollywood runs out of chores to do around the house. Vi encourages him to relax. 

Charley and Remy tell the local sugar farmers about the new machines they've bought to make the mill more efficient. The farmers are wary but impressed.

Nova meets her new editor, who asks her to cast her net wider and cover areas of success in mass incarceration, not just problems. 

Charley thanks Remy for convincing the local cane farmers to get on board. Charley finds out the rental she wanted is no longer available. Remy agrees to go look at a new place with her.

Ralph Angel discovers a whitefly infestation on the farm. Remy warns him it will cost at least five grand to clean the cane. Ralph Angel offers to use his loan check, but Charley tells him to use it for the soybeans he wants to plant, and she'll pay. 

Nova performs a blessing over her friend's newborn twins but claims she doesn't need a family of her own. Darla tells Ralph Angel she wants to enroll Blue in swimming lessons.

Remy lectures Charley about renting a house closer to the mill and the community. Hollywood offers to help Vi bake pies for a christening.

Micah elbows Blue out of the way and accidentally hurts him. Ralph Angel threatens Micah. Charley apologizes to Ralph Angel and asks him to understand what Micah is going through, but Ralph Angel has little sympathy.

Nova attempts to write the story her editor wants but her reputation gets in the way. Ralph Angel is accused of violating his parole after gunshots were heard fired on the property. Charley covers for him and claims that she fired the gun.

Darla tries to get off work to help wash the cane but her boss refuses. However, she goes anyway. Ralph Angel tells Vi about the revised will, but Vi warns him that no good can come of telling his sisters about it.

Ralph Angel and Micah apologize to each other. Hollywood tells Vi he's thinking about getting a job. The family helps Charley and Micah move into the mill. Darla gets fired for leaving work to help Ralph Angel. 

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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Story's important. No one writes about social and criminal justice as in-depth as this paper does. As I do.

Nova [to her editor]

Charley: What do you see here?
Remy: Cobwebs?
Charley: Possibility.