An Unexpected Visit - Queen Sugar
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Charley and Davis’ divorce is finalized and made public. She and Remy go out on a romantic date and both have fun. 

Charley’s mother, Lorna, unexpectedly comes to visit. She questions everything about Charley’s business and new place to live. The only thing she seems to like is meeting Remy. 

Davis convinces Micah to tell Charley what really happened when he was arrested. Charley immediately wants to get their lawyers involved to press charges, but Micah convinces her that that isn’t what he needs. 

Charley laments to Lorna that she didn’t protect Micah as well as she should have, referencing the way Lorna sent Charley to an elite boarding school but also let her spend summers in Louisiana. Charley feels like she never prepared Micah for what he could face in the South. Lorna points out that she did the best she could and that’s all a parent can do. 

Nova publishes an article about the Zika virus and how it could be the next disaster slated to hit the 9th ward but gets backlash for being too controversial and causing a panic in the community. Then Robert tells Nova that Timothy North has offered to donate multiple millions of dollars to help fight Zika in the 9th ward. 

Ralph Angel and Darla tell Blue they’re getting married. He’s thrilled. They announce it to the rest of the family, and even Violet reacts well. Aunt Vi even throws them a surprise engagement party at the High Yellow. During the party, Darla calls her parents and leaves them a message saying she’s been clean for two years and she’s getting married to her son’s father. 

Hollywood gets offered a permanent job running a scaffolding crew. He doesn’t seem thrilled about the job but wants to be around to help take care of Violet. 

Violet’s hairdresser notices she’s losing her hair, then she gets dizzy at work. She finally goes to see a doctor.



Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Zika is a hurricane by another name.


Charley: All the world knows now; I feel like I can finally breathe again.
Remy: So what do you say? You and me tonight. Gumbo up to your elbows, so good it will make you holler.
Charley: So you want to make me holler, huh?