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When Darla drops Blue off at Violet’s, neither Violet nor Hollywood will speak to her. Violet has her medication adjusted when she has dizzy spells and is lightheaded. 

Blue asks Darla when she and Ralph Angel will get married, so they sit him down to tell him that they will be living separately and will not be getting married. Blue is heartbroken.

Ralph Angel has dinner with the Phan’s and gets closer to Trinh. She shares her family history. Her grandfather got the whole family on the boats leaving Vietnam before he died. Her uncle got sick in a Thai refugee camp. Her father made it to New Orleans before he passed away. Later, Ralph Angel asks her out and she accepts.. 

Remy takes Nova out fishing. The two grow closer and they kiss. 

Davis tells Charley that he fathered another child 13 years ago while they were married. The daughter’s mother passed away last month, and Davis is moving back to Los Angeles to take care of her. Charley is completely blindsided. She’s at her lowest when Jacob Boudreaux calls to get together. 

Charley gets drunk with Jacob and dances with him at a bar but eventually sends him home. From their conversations, she also finds out he has a brother, Paul. 

Micah and his friends visit the Sweet Bay historic plantation and are upset by the one-sided, white privilege perspective of the place.  

When Benny loses his place to live, Ralph Angel allows him to stay at the farm temporarily. 


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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Remy: I read that article about the kids at the game. I know it ain't exactly how you wanted it to turn out but I was just going to say that you did good with the kids. You gave them a chance to have their voices heard, you know.
Nova: Their voices got twisted by adults who don't know any better. They have so much potential, everyone's trying to shame it and push it down.

I know I've done you wrong, Charley, I have, but I've been a damn good father. I'll make amends. You'll see, I promise you that. I promised Micah.