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Ralph Angel speaks to prisoners at a correctional facility about the realities of life after release and the importance of having purpose and hope. His parole officer, Kevin, wants him to talk to a woman who runs a reentry program to collaborate. Ralph Angel learns his request for early release from parole has been approved. He’ll be free in one month. 

Charley finds her date with Romero brings her lots of joy. 

Micah, with Charley and Nova’s help, puts together a rally to fight against the new correctional facility. Micah speaks at the rally and ends up telling the story of Officer Randall Orson sticking a gun in his mouth. His story and his speech about the prison, “If they build this prison St. Jo become another example of what’s wrong with America instead of what’s right,” stirs the crowd and makes the nightly news.

Nova’s friend tells her that her book is playing with fire and that her family may find it too honest. Nova feels that people need to be having these conversations. Inspired by Micah’s speech, she titles her book, “Blessing and Blood” and sends it off to her publisher. 

Violet finds out the High Yellow Diner is for sale and she could buy it as a new location for Vi’s Prize Pies. Hollywood ends up buying it for her as a wedding present. The only name on the deed is Violet. She doesn’t have to share it with anyone.

Charley meets with Frances Boudreaux. If Frances really wants to help defeat the prison and take down Sam, Charley needs the real set of books for Landry Enterprises to be released. Frances says she’ll do it but she wants some of Charley’s shares in the company. Charley agrees only if the farmers who were leasing with Landry Enterprises can move back into their homes at favorable rates. She also wants the Queen Sugar Mill back. In the deal, Charley gets the deed to Prosper’s house and his land, so Prosper can own it. 

The company building the prison won’t return Sam Landry’s phone calls after the books are released, and neither will his friends in the state legislature. Sam warns Charley that his sister can’t be trusted and that she was better off with him, the devil she knows. Charley says she’s ready to take down all devils. 

Two Sheriff’s officers are waiting, lights flashing, at Ralph Angel’s when he gets home one evening with Blue. They ask Ralph Angel to come down and answer some questions. When Ralph Angel asks why and about what, the officer tells him he still has a month left on his parole and he could put him back in prison for spitting out gum if he wanted to. Ralph Angel says he has cameras set up watching everything, and the two officers leave.

Violet and Hollywood invite everyone over to watch them get married in a small ceremony in their home, then invite all of their friends to celebrate. Everyone is smiling and dancing through the night. 

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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

It’s good to have friends in your corner but sometimes being a leader means walking alone.


You find something good and wrap your heart around it. Don’t let it go. That’s all we got.

Ralph Angel