Looking Over His Shoulder - Queen Sugar
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Charley’s investigator, Vicki, tells her that Micah is being considered a person of interest in the Sweet Bay Plantation fire. Micah admits to Charley that he was involved but that it was an accident. She’s terrified and furious. When she orders Micah to stay away from his new friends, storms off to see his Aunt Nova who tells him it’s okay to want to do something but he needs to make his actions match his intentions. 

Charley asks Davis to talk to Micah to make him realize that some decisions can’t be undone. Davis admits to his son that he made decisions without thinking about the consequences or how they would affect the people he loves. Micah says that after the police incident, he was tired of feeling like a victim and wanted to do something. 

Charley gets blindsided when she finds out that Sam Landry held a vote on the prison and cut her and his sister out of the meeting. The farmers of St. Josephine organize to protest the building of the new prison and ask Charley to help. 

Violet is interviewed on TV to highlight Vi’s Prize Pies and Rhonda tells them how much Vi has inspired her.

Nova gets some harsh notes on her first draft. She has been writing about her family but they want Nova’s stories. But Nova is concerned about sharing the skeletons in her closet. She visits Too Sweet and admits to him that she sold the weed he was picked up with. Too Sweet says no one forced him to buy it and thanks her for helping get him out of prison and into college.


During mediation, Ralph Angel and his attorney want full custody.  Darlene is furious and says he’s not even Blue’s real father, which Ralph Angel admits, but he’s raised him and his name is on the birth certificate which gives him right. When Darlene gets nasty, Darla finally puts a stop to it. Later, Darlene says that it’s her job to protect Darla and Blue. Darla says she’ll always love Ralph Angel but now they have to do what’s right for their son. 

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Queen Sugar Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Micah: What we did was right.
Charley: It was stupid.
Micah: Now I'm stupid.
Charley: No Micah, your actions were stupid because you knew better. I raised you better than that.

Charley: Accident or not, you understand arson is a felony. You were trespassing and you were vandalizing.
Micah: We were protesting.
Charley: You could go to jail, Micah. Don’t you get that?