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Charley officially begins her candidacy for city council. Councilwoman Barerra backs her. Romero takes Charley to his church party to meet his pastor and make headway with the Latino community but she soon learns it won’t be easy. Pastor Martinez promises to give Charley a chance. 

Micah spends more time with Romero and tells Charley she deserves to be happy. Charley tells Romero that he is the first man in a long time who has given to her without taking or trying to change her. Later, Charley and Romero make love for the first time. 

Lady Genevieve, an old friend of Prosper’s, comes out to help Charley’ campaign. When a brick is thrown through the campaign headquarter window, Charley is worried about Prosper and Lady Genevieve being hurt but it does not dissuade her from running.  

Nova is shortlisted for a National Book award. During an interview, with Octavia in tow, the reporter makes it sound as though Nova was the main inspiration for Charley running for city council. When Octavia enforces that theory, Nova doesn’t rebuke it. Later, Octavia encourages Nova to move on from her family in order to get to where she needs to be. 

At a party, Nova is considered for editing a book of new essays on race, and when Octavia doesn’t think Nova can hear her, she tries to get the job for herself. She’s obviously disappointed when they don’t want her because she’s not considered a new, emerging writer. When Nova call out Octavia for trying to take her job offer, Octavia turns on her saying that Nova doesn’t have the experience for that job and then says she threw her own family under the bus for her book. 

Nova admits that Octavia will always be important to her but decides it’s time to end their relationship. That night, Nova leaves a voicemail for Charley telling her how proud she is of her and how much she loves and misses her. 

When Violet has no interest in sex, she calls her doctor. Her symptoms aren’t due to her Lupus. Violet tells Hollywood that Jimmy Dale’s return has stirred up a lot of issues she thought were in her past and she asked Hollywood to give her time and space to work through them. He promises that he is with her for better or worse. 

Ralph Angel and Darla have a counselor come to the house to talk to Blue about finding out that Ralph Angel isn’t his biological father. She says that Blue is processing everything and that it will take time. She encourages Ralph Angel and Darla to write down their dreams for Blue’s future. 

Queen Sugar
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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Romero: Are you sure you want to do this? I know you’ve thought this through but the Landry-Boudreaux family, I mean, they’re a lot.
Charley: I’m a lot. Whatever I have to do, whoever I need to talk to, I’ll do for St. Jo and for my Daddy. I can’t lose his land.

Councilwoman Barerra: It’s official!
Charley: But is it the right decision?
Councilwoman Barerra: If you believe in it, then it’s the right decision. Candidate Bordelon, I’m with you all the way. You’ve got this.