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Charley tries to get a councilman from St. Thomas to help her stop the highway but he gets pushback. 

One of Ralph Angel’s employees, Benny, is arrested. The police claim they got an anonymous tip and found 20 bags of meth in his car. Ralph Angel believes his re-entry program is being targeted. Ralph Angel’s girlfriend, Deesha, who is an attorney, tells Ralph Angel that his re-entry program is being targeted but vows to help him fight for both Benny and the program. 

Violet’s diner is vandalized. Charley has her security consultant pull camera footage from the pharmacy across the street. Turns out, Hank Miller, Jacob Boudreaux’s business consultant has been taking pictures of the diner and has been watching the Bordolons. 

The footage also show’s Joaquin, Ignacio’s son, running from the diner with a baseball bat. With his father and brother about to be deported, Ralph Angel and Charley don’t want to take Joaquin away from his mother too. 

Hank Miller threatened to have Joaquin’s mother deported if he didn’t throw the brick through Charley’s window and vandalize the diner. Violet agrees to have Joaquin work for her to pay off the damage. Several friends and neighbors come out to put the diner back together. 

Pastor Martinez tells Charley that Hank Miller works for Old World Energies and was trying to buy up his parishoner’s land for lo-ball prices. Charley confronts Jacob and tricks him into admitting that the highway is to push through gas and fracking operations for Old World Energy. 

Someone at Darla’s workplace leaves Nova’s book at her desk and it’s open to the chapter about Star. She’s devastated but won’t call her sponsor because she sees it as weakness. 

While in Philadelphia, Nova runs into Calvin. He’s left the police force and runs his own small, private security company based out of Baton Rouge. The two decide to give their relationship another try. 

Charley and the councilwoman from St. Thomas stage a protest against the highway and Old World Energy, making it all public. Later that night, Charley gets a phone call telling her that the Queen Sugar mill is on fire. 

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Queen Sugar Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

It’s not every day the love of a man’s life writes a book and then tells the world he’s the love of hers.


I’d rather be betrayed by one of them than by one of my own.