Deciding To Be Happy - Queen Sugar
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Calvin wants his oldest daughter, Courtney, to quarantine with him and Nova since her college is closing down. Nova is worried that Hailey has already turned Courtney against her, or perhaps Hailey has sent her daughter to spy on Nova. But Nova says she won't turn away Calvin's kids and agrees. 
It turns out that Courtney doesn't get along with her mother and idolizes Nova. Calvin is thrilled, but Nova worries that once quarantine is lifted, she and Calvin will have to face the harsh reality of their bi-racial relationship in a world with MAGA supporters. 
Hollywood's mother is in the hospital with Covid-19. They won't let Hollywood in to see her. After a few days, they take Willa Mae off the ventilator, and she dies. Hollywood is devastated.  
Violet asks Prosper to move in as they've all been tested, and there's no reason for him to be alone. They both mourn for Willa Mae. Prosper says he knows five people who have died in just two months, and it's becoming too much to bear. 
Darla struggles to keep Blue engaged as he gets through his school work so quickly and gets bored. Ralph Angel begins his new job as a janitor at an assisted living facility. He befriends Reggie, an older man living in one section of the facility, while his wife, who has dementia, lives on another ward. 
On his birthday, Reggie is depressed because he can't see his wife due to the coronavirus restrictions. Ralph Angel gets the staff to bring Reggie's wife to his window so they can see one another on his birthday. 
Ralph Angel tells Darla he doesn't want to wait for things to be perfect to marry her as no one is guaranteed a future. Darla egress and says they should get married tomorrow. 
Charley and Micah bond while living together during quarantine. She shares with Micah how some people shamed her when she became pregnant in college and how her father, Ernest, still loved and supported her. It made her determined to be a success. 
When Charley sees a text on Micah's phone asking him when he's coming to a party, she loses it and accuses him of putting them both in danger for sex, just like his father. Later, Charley apologizes and says she doesn't feel that way about Micah. Micah accepts her apology, and the two begin to work together to find a way to fight Parker and the Landrys to protect St. Jo's. 
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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Look, I can't say no to your kid. I'm not comfortable with it, but I'm not going to say no to your children.


How do I know Hailey's not sending Courtney here to spy on me in my own home? Hailey thinks I'm the black bitch who wrecked her home.