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The news of George Floyd being killed during an arrest where a white police officer held a knee to his neck for nine minutes hits everyone in St. Jo’s hard. 
Nova is writing about it for True Papers, including an article about the three police offices that were also there and did nothing to stop while George Floyd begged for his life. 
There’s tension between Calvin and Nova. Calvin says he feels no shame about what happened because it has nothing to do with him. Nova explains how when one black person makes the news for doing something wrong, all black people feel ashamed because American society acts like black people have one collective conscience. 
Courtney is shocked to hear Calvin admit to being a bystander as a rookie when his fellow officers beat up a young black boy for stealing a candy bar. The veteran officer said it was a “down payment” so that the boy would know what to expect when he got older. Courtney is horrified. 
The Minneapolis Police Station is lit on fire during a protest turned riot, and Micah cheers as he watches it on TV. Charley is upset because people could be hurt or dying inside. Hate can’t drive out hate. Micah points out that black men are being killed in the street, and nothing changes, so what choice do they have. He points out that Dr. King also said that riots are the language of the unheard. 
Micah helps plan a protest. Charley is concerned about the possibility of violence and that there’s going to be a strong police presence. Charley decides to go with him. Micah is proud to have his mother there. 
Violet, Hollywood, and Prosper board up her diner before the protest. Violet finds a gun in Hollywood’s toolbox. Vi is shocked. Hollywood had agreed not to have a gun in their house. She’s afraid Hollywood could get himself killed having that gun. Hollywood said if that’s the price he has to pay for protecting those he loves, he’ll pay it. 
Ralph Angel and Darla’s honeymoon is a long weekend on the gulf coast. They’re having a wonderful time until Hollywood calls to tell them to watch the news. Ralph Angel wants to continue with their trip, but Darla wants to get home to Blue. 
On the drive home, Darla is hassled at a gas station for wearing a Black Moms Matter t-shirt. He then says that George Floyd got what he deserved. Things get heated between the man and Ralph Angel, but they both leave. 
At home, Blue asks about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. They have to tell Blue how to keep himself safe and respond when he is arrested. Blue doesn’t understand why he’d be stopped by police if he does nothing wrong. Ralph Angel assures him that, unfortunately, it will happen because he’s black. 
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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Charley: Please, don’t do that to yourself.
Micah: Do what?
Charley: Push it down. It doesn’t work. I’ve tried it.

Violet: The whole situation don’t make no sense.
Prosper: Racism ain’t never made sense.