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Ralph Angel and Darla plan for their “small but stylish wedding.” Ralph Angel wants to go to New York City for their honeymoon and go see a Broadway show. 
Darla has an interview for a management trainee position at work, but she’s nervous. Charley tells her to go in with the attitude that they need her. That their future will be better if they choose Darla. 
Parker bails on a scheduled meeting with Charley and heads to New York. 
Prosper helps Hollywood set up The Spot. Hollywood recreates his and Vi’s first date from 18-years-ago. 
Nova meets Calvin’s family for the first time at his Grandpa’s birthday party. Things go well with Calvin’s young daughter, but his son doesn’t want to talk to Nova. Then Calvin’s ex-wife, Hailey, arrives unexpectedly and causes a scene. She tells Nova that Calvin has a history of affairs with black woman. Calvin tells Hailey that all of the other women, silently implying her as well, were just placeholders until Nova would have him. 
Charley and Davis arrive on Michah’s campus for Homecoming and are surprised to see him performing with his new fraternity. Charley balks because Gamma has a reputation for being thugs. Micah says that he’s not a little boy and doesn’t have to consult her for every decision. 
As a council member, Charley gets updates on the coronavirus, which is now hitting Louisianna. St. Jo’s Parish decides to shut down for the next two weeks to protect their residents. Everyone expects things will get back to normal by April 1st. 
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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Just breathe, stay calm, be the queen that you are no matter what they try to throw at you.

Charley [to Nova]

Ralph Angel: We get to choose how we deal with things. You hear me?
Darla: They can’t steal our joy unless we let them.