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Ralph Angel and Darla drive Blue To Washington D.C. to start at the Sidwell Friends Academy, then drive back to Louisiana. Blue absolutely loves the school and is thrilled his parents allowed him to attend.

Hollywood encourages Vi to apologize to Ralph Angel. What she said wasn’t kind or necessary. Eventually, she agrees.

Charley wonders if Davis has really changed. She looks to Darla and Violet for advice. Violet says Davis was stupid but not evil, and he truly loves her and Micah. Darla says no one else will know Charley or Davis’ heart, so no one else’s opinion matters.

Later, Charley and Davis rehash their past and talk about why their marriage failed. Charley says she thought she’d built a fortress around their family so that no one could hurt them. Davis admits that the problem was that he was the monster already inside the fortress.

Davis says he’s spent the last four years looking into all the dark corners of himself. He says he’s changed, and he can finally love Charley the way she deserves. She seems to accept this.

Micah comes home after hearing Charley had Covid.

Nova confronts Calvin about whether he beat Andre Nixon when he was a cop. Calvin admits he helped beat Andre. That he was told, he had to prove he could be a cop. He says he’s never done anything like that before or since, and he’s always regretted it. Nova points out that he told her he had never done it at all.

Nova admits she loves Calvin and wants to protect him, but she’s also devastated by what he’s done. In the end, Calvin calls the New Orleans Police Internal Affairs division and turns himself in, saying it’s time he did the right thing.

Ralph Angel and Darla are back home, looking up at the stars, when Darla tells him she's pregnant with his child. They are both thrilled. 

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Queen Sugar Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

His name is Andre Nixon. He was only 19-years-old when he said you and your cop friends beat him until he could no longer walk.


Violet: Fools trying to fight about wearing a simple mask.
Charley: Being brainwashed to fight against their own survival. It’s surreal.