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The Bordelon family spends the night at the hospital. Prosper is in a medically induced coma to keep the swelling in his brain down in the hopes of preventing permanent damage.

When Micah wants to call Charley to tell her about Prosper, Violet tells him not to because she has an important meeting in California.

Prosper’s daughter, Billie, flies in from Chicago. Billie and Violet argue when Billie feels that Violet oversteps and disrespects her. Billie bans all of the Bordelons from visiting Prosper.

In California, Charley is approached about running for state Senator in Louisiana. She says she’ll consider it. Micah calls, and Charley immediately knows something is wrong by the sound of his voice. Micah tells her about Prosper, and she flies back home.

At the hospital, Charley sees Billie and mentions how alike they are. That they both like to be in control. Charley says she missed her father’s last moments and encourages Billie to listen and love her father while she has the opportunity.

Nova visits Billie at Prosper’s home. Nova says that Aunt Vi only wants what’s best for Prosper. Billie counters that Aunt Vi believes she knows what’s best and treats her like a child. Nova says that Billie owes her. Billie backs down and allows the Bordelons to visit Prosper.

Darla and Ralph Angel learn they are having a baby girl. Darla worries about the hospital being so understaffed and overrun with patients. She considers having a home birth with a midwife instead.

St. Jo’s TV News does a segment on The Real Spot. Violet promises to be there with Hollywood but ends up running back to the motel where she is keeping Celene and her son, Gabriel, hidden from Celene’s abusive husband. As a result, Violet ends up missing Hollywood’s interview. She lies to Hollywood and claims to have been dealing with a plumbing problem at the diner.

Nova is scared when her cell phone is staticky and cuts out during conversations. She’s also upset that #CancelNovaBordelon is trending because of her relationship with Calvin.

Nova meets her new neighbor, Dominic, a professor of Cultural Anthropology at Tulane University. She tells him that she lost the man she loves to be in her truth.

Ralph Angel takes the baby’s ultrasound picture to the hospital and shows it to Prosper. Prosper laments that he didn’t show his own baby girl how much he loves her. Ralph Angel points out that he still has time to change things.

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Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

I want to bring our little girl into the world on this farm surrounded by all the things that I love.


Violet: Thank you for coming as soon as you could.
Billie: Respectfully, Violet, please don’t thank me like I’m a stranger doing you a favor. He’s my father, and I don’t have to be thanked to come and see him.