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Nova, Vi, and Charley have an at-home spa day. But Charley has to run to New Orleans for an impromptu meeting where she is told the party no longer wants her to run for Louisiana state senate. Instead, they want her to run for Congress in 2022. Charley is stunned and says she has to think about it.

Charley shares the news with Micah, who is thrilled for his mother. Micah says he’s doing better and feels like he has a true friend in Isaiah, who he thinks might be gay, but it’s not something they ever talk about.

Nova posts her latest article to True Papers. Hours later, SWAT breaks in and raids Nova’s home while she’s taking a nap. They have a warrant to search for narcotics. Dominic comes over to find out what’s happening and when he says he’s going to pull out his phone and record the police, they put him, and Nova face down on the ground.

The police find Nova’s marijuana, which is illegal in Louisiana. Nova says she has a medical use card, but they arrest her anyway. The police hold Nova for hours before finally letting her go. She finds Dominic waiting for her outside to offer his support.

Hollywood learns that the Sheriff is looking for Ralph Angel to ask him about Theo, who got arrested. They also want to talk to Hollywood because Theo was recently at The Spot. Hollywood calls Ralph Angel while he and Darla are on their babymoon at a resort.

Ralph Angel tells Darla what he’s done. She is quietly furious that he took such an irresponsible risk, all while making her feel as though she was foolish to be worried about their finances.

Celine puts the moves on Hollywood, and he clearly tells her no. Hollywood goes home and tells Violet, who is furious that Celine would betray her like that after she’s done so much to help her. Celine panics and takes off with Gabriel.

Hollywood and Violet visit Prosper, interrupting a special father/daughter dinner between him and Billie. Hollywood wants to leave, but Vi refuses to leave, claiming she doesn’t respect Billie’s relationship with her father because Billie didn’t respect Violet’s marriage. Billie explodes and tells Violet the truth, that Jimmy Dale tried to rape her, then spread lies about her throughout town, and that no one, including Vi, ever thought to ask Billie if what Jimmy Dale said was true.

Charley finds Billie drinking at the bar and reminds her that she is a survivor and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Brother, cops come sniffing back around, I am not going to lie for Theo, especially since he got me and my business up in this mess.


Isaiah: I don’t think I’ll ever take going to the movies for granted again.
Micah: I know what you mean. It’s like all the things that were normal before are like amazing now.