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The family celebrates when Hollywood wins the school board election.

Nova calls Calvin to come over, and the two have sex, but the next morning, she tells him she's headed to her Aunt Martha's house, so he has to leave. Nova tells him she feels disconnected from her mother and Aunt Martha's gifts. Calvin says those things run deep within her. They're not gone, and she can find them.

Later, Calvin tells Nova he wants more than to just spend the night when she calls. He's not a cop. He's not married. There are no more secrets between them. He believes they are meant to be together. He leaves to let Nova ponder that.

Aunt Martha signed her house over to a local church, and Nova wants to pack up her things before they sell the house. Nova calls Calvin to help.

Blue shares with Ralph Angel that he doesn't feel like he fits in at school. Ralph Angel tells Blue he belongs at that school. Not only did Darla go there, but his biological father went there too. Ralph Angel admits that he knows who Blue's biological father is and that he didn't want Blue, but Ralph Angel did.

Darla is furious at Ralph Angel for telling Blue about his biological father after she specifically asked him not to do so. Ralph Angel always does just what he wants to do. Ralph Angel argues that he didn't beat Chase because Darla didn't want him to. And he didn't want her to negotiate with her rapist, but he didn't stop her from doing so. Angry, Darla sends Blue to Aunt Vi's. She takes Tru and heads to D.C. without telling Ralph Angel.

Prosper encourages Ralph Angel to follow Darla and get her back. He says that Ernest didn't just want Ralph Angel to farm the land; he wanted him to have love and family there as well. Ralph Angel finds Darla, and the two hash it out. Darla comes back in time for the land auction.

Remy returns. He's married with kids and working at the University. He offers to help the Bordelons get their land back at auction. The University can buy up the land for its solar project and then sell a portion of it back to the Bordelons.

Hollywood and Prosper track down Jacob Boudreaux because he's listed as a bidder in the land auction. Jacob is now producing a line of rum using local cane sugar. He's away from his family, and that's the way he wants it. Jacob says he didn't specifically put in to be a part of the auction. He was likely registered automatically and has no intention of being there.

It's Election Day, and everyone is thrilled because they believe Charley is about to win, but they can't fly to California to help her celebrate. Only Micah can, but he won't because he's angry at his mother for not backing his decision to quit school. Aunt Violet chastises Micah, and he gets in her face about being just like his mother. Violet tells him he talks a lot about being a man, but not being there for your family isn't how a man acts.

Later, much to everyone's shock, Charley loses the election. Micah flies to California, and he and Charley make up. She doesn't know what she's going to do next.

At the auction, with the co-op funds, the advance money from the film, and other money gathered, Ralph Angel has a total of $750K to bid on the Landry/Bordelon land. All of the other local farmers put their paddles down. They won't bid on this land as a show of solidarity with Ralph Angel.

Sam Landry has an associate who continues to outbid Ralph Angel until they exceed the $750K. Then Remy steps in and continues the bidding to the University's maximum of $1 million. Just as it appears that Remy will win, Jacob Boudreaux steps in and bids $1.1 million. Jacob wins the auction, saying he needed to keep it in the family. Sam is thrilled.

Back at his house, Sam asks Jacob who his investors are because he'd like to meet them. Jacob introduces Sam to the Bordelons and Proper, who are waiting in the dining room. Sam is shocked. Jacob never wanted the land. He just wanted to best Sam. Jacob has even hired Prosper to manage his cane farming operation for his rum. The Bordelons care about St. Jo's. And Jacob hopes this begins to right the wrongs committed by Sam, his father, and his father's father.

The Bordelons have their farm back. Ralph Angel, Darla, Blue, and Tru move back to their home.

Violet and Hollywood are going to long-term foster a ten-year-old girl named Paulie. She was raised by her grandmother since she was a baby. Since her grandmother died a year ago, Paulie has been in three foster homes. She needs something more permanent, and Violet and Hollywood are thrilled to provide that.

As Nova prepares to turn Aunt Nova's home over to the church, she learns that the church in question was her mother's. Trudy owns a small local church, which is now Nova's. That means Nova owns Aunt Martha's home as well. Nova and Calvin move into it together. Nova feels like this is always where she was always meant to be.

Ernest looks on over his family, happy that they are exactly where they're supposed to be.


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Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

I know you might want to fit in sometimes, but there ain’t nothing wrong with being different. Just because you were raised different don’t mean that you don’t belong like all them other kids, and don’t forget it.

Ralph Angel

Nova: I’ve been so disconnected from the way I used to be. I used to be able to hold someone’s hands and understand things.
Calvin: I remember. I don’t think it’s left you. It’s way too deep. It’s a deep part of who you are. It’s not gone. You’ll find it.