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Ralph Angel and Micah head home, but Ralph Angel doesn't tell Darla about Chase.

The farmers from the co-op rush to Cardale's farm to fill sandbags to try to save his fields from flooding. They are successful. Cardale finally sees the need for the co-op and thanks Ralph Angel.

Ralph Angel sends everyone to Vi's diner for lunch, but he disappears. Concerned, Micah tells Darla about Chase. Darla and Hollywood head out to look for Ralph Angel. She finds him at the pool, and the two finally talk. Darla decides to face Chase because if Ralph Angel is by her side, she has nothing to lose.

With Ralph Angel to protect her, Hollywood to make sure Ralph Angel doesn't kill Chase, and Violet to oversee everything, Darla confronts Chase. She refuses to sign his nondisclosure agreement and instead has paperwork for him to sign.

They are documents agreeing to have no claims on Blue, never to have contact with Darla or her family, and to donate $250,000 to the Farmer's co-op and then $25,000 per month for the next three years. If he doesn't agree, Darla will go public with her story, along with a recording in which Chase admits to the rape. Chase signs and leaves.

Jimmy Dale is in hospice care. He likely won't make it through the night, and he's named Violet as his next of kin. Violet has already made her peace and won't go see him. Violet tells Billie about Jimmy Dale in case she wants to see him for some sort of closure before he dies.

Billie realizes she doesn't need to see Jimmy Dale to have her closure. She tells Nova everything she'd say to him. Jimmy Dale will die alone and without visitors.

Ignacio arrives unexpectedly, much to the boys' shock and joy. A non-profit has set him up in a motel for a few weeks, and all he wants is to spend time with his sons. So, Dante and Joaquin pack up and go with their father, leaving Hollywood and Violet to miss them.

Nova tells Billie about seeing Calvin. Nova is proud of how she handled things and plans to tell Dominic when he gets home. But Nova has been thinking about her first love, Camille. Billie encourages her to reach out to Camille and look for closure there as well.

Nova visits Camille and learns that Ernest once came to her restaurant and encouraged Camille to reconnect with Nova. Since Ernest knew that Nova had feelings for Camille, Nova is shocked and happy that it seems her father had come to accept that Nova was bisexual.


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Queen Sugar Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

To keep a promise to myself. To be the woman I’ve always wanted to be. Not to give in to the desires of the moment. Who honors her relationships. Who doesn’t cheat. I’ve struggled with that most of my adult life, and last night, I didn’t cross any of my own boundaries, and I’m proud of that.


One catastrophe at a time.

Ralph Angel