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Leo is the client from Decatur; he was nominated by his wife. Bethany thinks Leo is a snob who doesn't clean up after himself or likes the way he looks.

Leo's home is full of kids items. Antoni loves the kitchen, but the fridge only has leftovers and items with cheese. The kitchen is overflowing with accessories.

Tan and Karamo want to fix up Leo's closet. All he has are graphic and logo t-shirts. Tan wants to step up Leo's fashion sense.

Antoni makes a dish with the leftovers in the fridge. He wants to create a dish with fresh pasta since it's something that Leo has always wanted to cook for his wife.

Jonathan wants Leo to get a pedicure and trim his hair/facial hair.

Leo agrees to go to the school mixer, but he normally refuses. This time he has to go; he doesn't feel confident.

Bobby wants to redesign Leo's home to be comfortable for the family, but it still feels like an adult home.

Tan takes Leo to a clothing store that is suited for taller and bigger men. They find outfits that work for him and slims down his waist.

Leo and Antoni visit a chef who teaches him how to cook pasta.

Karamo, Leo, and his children go to an outing with other fathers and their children. They go to a dance class.

Jonathan treats Leo and Bobby to a pedicure at the Fab Five loft. He applies a face mask to help with shaving and exfoliation. He trims Leo's hair to complete the makeover.

Bobby has redesigned the home to be a mix of family and mature adult. Everything is organized and sorted into proper shelves. The Fab Five complete their makeover of Leo with new clothes, grooming for his mustache, and a new meal to cook.

Leo is very grateful for the help from the Fab Five.

Bethany is blown away by the changes to the house. She loves everything!

Leo tries to recreate the pasta dish, but the fresh pasta didn't come out the right way. He replaces it with dry pasta to complete the dish.

Leo is a hit at the mixer.

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Queer Eye Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Tan: Okay, this is literally it.
Karamo: This is the closet? He doesn’t have any clothes, though.
[They open a drawer]
Tan: Oh, hello.
Karamo: Oh, the t-shirts!
[They sift through the shirts]
Tan: Alright, no…. no. Is anything salvageable in here?
Karamo: There’s nothing in here.
[Cuts to Tan confessional]
Tan: Leo has logo tees, logo tees, logo tees, and well… logo tees. He needs help more than most.

Karamo: What’s your relationship with the other parents?
Leo: Nonexistent.
[They laugh}
Karamo: Why is that?
Leo: I definitely felt that… you know, just the glances sometimes. I’m a bartender. I think people prejudge me; it doesn’t make me feel good. The wife encourages that I call their dad and be like, “Hey, you wanna bring the kid here? Maybe they could play together?” I have a feeling that if I did that, it would probably benefit me and my kids, and why we would be me happy. I want to make more time for them than I don’t right now.
Karamo: Why are you getting emotional?
Leo: Because I love my kids, and I want to be with them.